Faces of the Force – Silent_Moon

Faces of the Force – Silent_Moon

The Help Force website really is a valuable resource. Filled to the brim with information about armies, stamp segments and more, the first time I went on this website I saw a Meet the Mod article. I loved to read it, and I immediately started looking through others. I thought it was a wonderful way to bridge the gap between regular Helpers and staff. So, naturally, when I became a writer for the website.

I thought it would be really fun to bridge a second, unspoken gap: the gap between newcomers and familiar faces. With that being said, I introduce Faces of the Force, interviews from regular, non-staff members of Help Force.

The first interview I’ve conducted has been with one of my friends here in Help Force, Silent_Moon! Now, she has stated many times over that her name is Moon, definitely not Silent. So, Moon, I’ll only call you Moon in this article!

Ever since I joined HF, Moon has been a prominent name. Well, I should probably say that Loon has been a prominent name. Moon comes to multiple segments a day and always has Helpers rolling on the floor, laughing. In between her daily break-ups with Lottie, she likes to argue American pronunciations versus everywhere else in the world’s pronunciations. Moon can often be found talking with Diego or Lottie, and bringing a smile to Helpers’ faces. Without further ado, here is the Moon interview:

Beni: So, first question, how did you join Help Force?

Moon: I saw recruiters in town and was like “I have nothing better to do”.

Beni: mood. Is there a staff member you really admire in HF?

Moon: Lottie! She’s really good at knowing when it’s play and when it’s work. [Do I hear any Loon shippers?]

Beni: Is there a cause that you really give your heart out to? This can be any cause, irl or not.

Moon: So, I have this really unhealthy obsession with Elephants. So, I spend way too much time reading about how their extinction would impact so much, and how smart they are, and how you can help. 

Beni: That’s really admirable, is there a specific charity you pay close attention to?

Moon: Not really. Just anything to help!

Beni: Coming down to the last few questions here. What are three words that you live your life by?

Moon: I’d have to say, keep moving forward.

Beni: Finally, what is your favorite thing about Help Force?

Moon: How close everyone is! We’re like a family. 

Beni: Alright, thank you Moon. Any last comments you wanna make for the HF site?

Moon: Just don’t owo.

Well, there she is, folks! Now that you know a little about Moon, why don’t you shoot her a message sometime? I promise you, she’s nice…most of the time.

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  1. This is beautiful. This Silent_Moon sounds like a great person. JS

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