Faces of the Force – Bean Pea

Welcome back to Faces of the Force! This time, we’re looking at genuinely one of the nicest people in the Force! The oddly named Bean Pea is a timid, but loving member of Help Force who can be found attending every event ever, talking about ‘being Leb’, I chose Bean as my interviewee this time because of how active she is in Help Force and how absolutely loving she is. I have never seen Bean say a harsh word to anyone, and I admire her for it. So, without further ado, I present to you…the Beni-Bean Interview! Please continue reading to see what happened:

Beni: So, Bean, how long have you been in Help Force?

Bean: About 2 months now. 1 month and 4 weeks ago to be exact

Beni: What prompted you to join Help Force?

Bean: Well, mainly the community as a whole. I didn’t know much about it at first but I remember someone saying they were like a family, so I wanted to join the family : )

Beni: Is Help Force your first experience in Armies?

Bean: Yes it is, the funny thing is, I didn’t know it was an army at first.

Beni: Oof, how did that happen?

Bean: Well I asked someone and they didn’t specify much; they said it was a group of some sort.

Beni: I get you. Now, is there a staff member you really admire?

Bean: I really admire Spotty’s work ethic, I remember she said she didn’t get enough sleep for doing things for Help Force, that’s really respectable! Elp knows how to hype the Help Force! He always cheers and supports everyone! I also appreciate every staff member I know so far; Lottie, Diego, Juanita, Skeleton, Kava, and many more! And finally Ayan, for creating the Help Force and leading it!

Beni: That’s awesome! But, enough about HF. Tell me about Bean! In three words, how would you summarize yourself?

Bean: Hmm I’m not sure! I guess I would say weird, shy and cute?

Beni: I agree with those, lol! Is there a cause that you really care about?

Bean: Quite a lot actually! Global warming-helping the environment, feminism for sure, supporting the LGBTQ+ community

Beni: Is there a specific organization for any of those causes you care about?

Bean: Not at the moment. I need to find some, actually.

Beni: Alright, Bean. That concludes our interview. Before we close, is there anything you’d like to tell the members of HF?

Bean: Keep unleashing the power of helping! Also, come to events so we can get promotions!

Beni: Great, thank you, Bean!

There she is, Help Force. I feel like it is so obvious how kind and compassionate Bean is! Remember, the entire point of FotF is for you to learn more about prominent members in HF, see what you have in common, and segue into friendship! Care about the same causes as Bean? Did you also have no idea what CPO armies were like Bean? Take this as an opportunity to ping her next time she’s online and talk to her! I guarantee, she’s a friend you want to have.


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