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A Challenger Appears to Fight for Spotty’s Hand

Hello everyone! As a lot of you have seen, Elpiojo and Spotty have decided to get married. But, just as we were choosing a suitable timing for the wedding, a challenger appeared!

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The Wedding Of Spotty803 And Elpiojo123

Hey there helpers, 

Today, Spotty803 and elpiojo123 announced about their wedding tomorrow. I am here with all the information. Lets begin: Continue reading

Operation Mastered – SUCCESS

Hey Helpers ! , The Help Force had their Operation Mastered Event Today.
Here are some Pictures from the Event :

Max : 48

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The Easiest Approach To Tipping The Iceberg.

Hey there readers, As you all probably know, the iceberg can be tipped. But, it can take a lot of penguins to do so. Here, I will tell you the easiest way to tip the iceberg. Enjoy! 

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Help Force Club Penguin

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Know Your Leaders: Attacker

Hello everyone! As a continuation from the interview with Ayan, I will now bring you the interview with another leader, Attacker! The questions are similar and based off the previous interview. So let’s begin!

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Hey there, Helpers!

Today the Help Force of Club Penguin logged onto server Zipline to conduct the first Ausia / Asia event. It was a major success! I’m pretty sure that Help Force is on a fast track of rise. Anyways, here are the results:

We maxed 37 Helpers on CPOnline

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The Ghost Just Wanna Dance


Secrets of the Library

Do you remember this room called Library? (Please answer no…) No? I am not impressed, as the Library is the Most Boring Room Ever Existed In Club Penguin. Even though it has a game called Mancala, it’s too complicated to be famous like Find Four. So, in the Library there are some books that have interesting information. Some rumors, like the tip of the iceberg, started from the library. I divide the books in the Library to 4 categories depending on the type of secret they have:

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Why Are We Active And Why Should You Join?

Hey the helpers and newcomers,
Did you ever wonder “Why are we active?” Or “Why should I join?” Today, I have the answers. Keep reading below to know more:

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