Know Your Leaders: Attacker

Hello everyone! As a continuation from the interview with Ayan, I will now bring you the interview with another leader, Attacker! The questions are similar and based off the previous interview. So let’s begin!

CJ: “The Help Force” is a great idea: A group of people helping others. How did you come with that idea? Or get involved in it?

A: From the day I started on CPO, I happened to be online during a segment the Help Force was having and they helped me get all the stamps. I loved the idea they stood for, so I asked them if I could join them. And from that moment on, I have really tried to apply myself to the community as much as I can, as I climbed the ranks rapidly. Unfortunately, with school starting I became less active but I’m trying to get back into the new community as much as I can since I love what we do here.

CJ: Did you have any other experiences of being in an army before the Help Force?

A: Before Help Force, I really had no idea armies even existed on Club Penguin. But my favorite part about the Help Force is were helping penguins out because we want to, and we’re not trying to be this big army that takes over CPO.

CJ: How is it like being the leader of an army? What are your responsibilities, limitations and challenges you face?

A: Sometimes its hard being a leader and having the stress of holding this community together, but when you start talking to everyone it really relieves all of that. Everyone here is very nice and caring which makes it very easy to talk to each other. You always feel welcomed no matter what. Some of the responsibilities I take on is hosting segments and events every week, and doing my best to keep the community intact. It’s challenging but like I said the community is so welcoming and nice that all the stress just gets lifted off your chest.

CJ: Are there any challenges in terms of expanding the army from the start till now?

A: Some challenges faced would be having some staff members leaving, and then trying to pick ourselves up after that. We have had a lot of our staffs leaving in the past couple months, and throughout summer we were expanding really slowly. We were kinda stuck at the 300 helpers mark and didn’t know what to do, but we held staff meetings and came up with recruitment segments, more events, and more segments. Ever since then, we have grown rapidly, now reaching over 900 members.

CJ: When there are disagreements between the leaders, staff members and members, how do you settle it? Is it the same for all 3 ranks/statuses?

A: We have had disagreements between the staff members, from mods being mad at expert mods and admins being mad at each other etc. But in the end, we all realize that were a family and this is not what we stand for in the Help Force and will settle it to the best of our ability. Each staff member does a good job at settling the fight since we all know each other very well.

CJ: Since you mentioned that you went up ranks pretty quickly, what advice would you give to people who are trying to rank-up on Help Force? (people who wants to be mods take note of this)

A: You really just need to apply yourself to the community. If we see you leading members, talking to everyone and just having good relationships with the members and staff, we will definitely notice you.

CJ: Do you have any advice for people who are trying to make their own army?

A: Just be well known in the CPO community. If you’re nice and fun people will want to join you and be around you. Just stay loyal to your team. When it comes to hard and challenging times, don’t give up and figure out how to get over those walls. As long as you stay true to who you want to be, you will definitely start something big, it just might take some time.

CJ: Alright, that was the last question. Do you have anything else to add? And/or anything you want to say (it can be to the HF family)?

A: I’m back and better then ever 🙂

That is it for the interview! Thank you all for reading! Stay tuned for more posts from me 😀

~CrystalJenny signing out~

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