A Challenger Appears to Fight for Spotty’s Hand

Hello everyone! As a lot of you have seen, Elpiojo and Spotty have decided to get married. But, just as we were choosing a suitable timing for the wedding, a challenger appeared!

Blue Yogurt boldly challenges Elpiojo to a fight for Spotty’s hand. He said “Wanna go bro? I’ll take you on. I might not be strong, but I have germs on my side”, and proceeds to sneeze as he seemed to have caught a cold in the last few days. Seeing the turn of events, as a reporter, I was sent to have a live interview with them.

Our editor and leader Ayan was present for the interview as well. Here is what they had to say:

CJ: Mr. Blue Yogurt, what made you want to fight for Spotty’s hand?

BY: My horrible life decisions.

CJ: Mr. Elpiojo, how are you feeling now that a competitor showed up?

E: Um… The fact that Blue Yogurt is younger than Spotty? Like 8 years of difference is illegal though.

CJ: Ms. Spotty, how do you feel about this situation?

S: I’m shocked. I’m speechless.

A: Who do you think will win?

S: Probably Elp

Most of the bystanders seem to be supporting Elpiojo as well.

CJ: Mr. Blue Yogurt and Mr. Elpiojo, so what would you be using as the “fight”? Games? Or?

E: Well, if you’re challenging me, I’ll choose the game and we fight right now.

BY: I’ll choose.

S: I’ll choose 😉

BY: Let her choose.

E: Spotty, you stay out of this.

(Was that supposed to be an expression of his “manly-ness”? :O)

At this point, Spotty gained the support of the majority and she gets to pick the “method”.

E: urgh fine

BY: Ladies first

A: Mr. Blue Yogurt, as you can see , you have not managed to gain support. Are you sure you’ll be able to defeat Elpiojo? How are you going to do that?

BY: I will. With my strategy, and illness.

A: What strategies are you talking about?

BY: Secret.

A: Secret hmmm…

BY: You’ll learn soon my friends.

A: Mr. Elpiojo, are you going to use any kind of tactics? Or are you going to come unprepared?

E: It depends on the game. Unprepared? I’m always ready.

A: Ms. Spotty, so it appears that you are siding with Elpiojo. What would you feel if he loses?

S: Well hmmm… Sad

And that is the end of the interview brought to you by Ayan and I. One game has been brought up as a possible “method” to determine the winner, and that ia Card Jitsu. So, what will the final decision on the “method” of the fight be? And who will win and take Spotty’s hand in the end? Is it the crowd-favourite, Elpiojo? Or the bold challenger, Blue Yogurt? Stay tuned to the drama to find out what happens!

~CrystalJenny signing out~


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  1. Hello. Mr. Horrible life decisions here. I have backed out.

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