The Wedding Of Spotty803 And Elpiojo123

Hey there helpers, 

Today, Spotty803 and elpiojo123 announced about their wedding tomorrow. I am here with all the information. Lets begin:

Tonight is the eve of the wedding. It will be held tomorrow ie: February 3rd, 2019. The time is yet to be however announced.

Earlier today, Spotty put out a poll asking who should get married? It was between Ayan, James, Elpiojo, Spotty, Crystal, kiara, Harout, Chloe, and Blue Yogurt (me). The top two people came out to be Spotty and Elpiojo.

At first, it was going to be Ayan instead of elpiojo. All of a sudden, elpiojo’s votes skyrocketed! Spotty said the following: “I wasn’t planning on getting married I was banking on people voting for someone else.” Elpiojo said the following: “THEY RIGGED THE VOTING!” Elpiojo also said “gonna confess my sins and ask god why he punish me like dis” Sounds like one unhappy groom. I then jokingly offered to fight Elpiojo for Spotty. It actually got pretty tense. Everyone supported elpiojo. It was all set and I agreed to back off. There will be a post about this coming out soon. Elpiojo doesn’t approve of it. Well, best wishes Spotty and elpiojo! Congratulations!

I then decided to interview them. Elipojo refused to talk. I got this from Spotty:

Blue Yogurt: How do you feel about this? Good or bad?

Spotty: LOL. It’s like my funeral.

Blue Yogurt: Are you excited?

Spotty: I think it’s gonna be funny!

Blue Yogurt: Most likely. Did you expect it to be you and elpiojo?

Spotty: I was hoping it wasn’t going to be me as I had my funeral the day before.

Blue Yogurt: Thank you for your time right before such a stressful event.

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