Secrets of the Library

Do you remember this room called Library? (Please answer no…) No? I am not impressed, as the Library is the Most Boring Room Ever Existed In Club Penguin. Even though it has a game called Mancala, it’s too complicated to be famous like Find Four. So, in the Library there are some books that have interesting information. Some rumors, like the tip of the iceberg, started from the library. I divide the books in the Library to 4 categories depending on the type of secret they have:

The 1st category are the books which have hidden items in them. In this category there are the books “The Journal of Captain Rockhopper” and “Rockhopper and The Stowaway”. Both books in the last page they have a secreted item, the key to Captain’s Quarters and Friendship Bracelet, respectively. The key can be used as a pin and to get into the Captain’s Quarters when Rockhopper’s ship is in the island. The Friendship Bracelet is a wearable hand item.

The 2nd category includes the books which have hidden coins. The only books that are featured in this category are the Paint by Letters (PBL) books which are only accessible from the old client. PBL books are special books. You have to type the story and make decisions for small details such as whether a container is as big as a tree or as big as the sea. In these 3 books, there are some hidden coins. You can find them by searching it on google. I am not going to explain where every coin is.

The 3rd category are the books which don’t have any secrets. These books are the “Yearbooks”, which explain what party-event have happened every year, “Franky’s First Show” and “Penguin Tales”, which are simple stories.

The last but not least category, as this is the most important one, is the category of the information. Books like “Truth or Dare” and “The Spice of Life” contain interesting info that explains a lot. In “Truth or Dare” you can find why there is a Green Puffle on top of a speaker in the Dance Club: It is the proof of RodgerRodger’s courage because he really did solve the mystery of the Boiler Room Keeper. In “The Spice of Life” 2 facts can be discovered, both of which are said by Smulley’s neighbor who is a couple flakes short of a snowball (crazy): “You could get more coins if you flew through Jet Pack Adventure without collecting any”, which is true and you can get the stamp “Ace Pilot” for it, and that the Iceberg can be tipped, which is true now (from 2017) but when the book came out (2007) this feature wasn’t added yet.

These are all the secrets in the Library that I found. If you have found anything else, please leave a comment. If you are searching for other secrets, you should look at the books of the 3rd category. I am not that good at writing so any feedback about that is really helpful. I will make a YouTube video on that topic with more details soon. Thanks for reading.

– Jason

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