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Why Are We Active And Why Should You Join?

Hey the helpers and newcomers,
Did you ever wonder “Why are we active?” Or “Why should I join?” Today, I have the answers. Keep reading below to know more:

So, the first question is “why are we active?”

Well, as you all probably (hopefully) know, we help penguins earn stamps that need help with doing so. That is why we were founded. We do this out of kindness for the Club Penguin Online community. We then will have parties for all of our members to congratulate them for their hard work.

The second question is “why should I join?

This answer is simple. Whenever you receive an act of kindness, you should pass on the kindness. So, if you get help form or army, you should join it to pass the kindness on! I joined because I got helped by the Help Force. I needed help with the Ninja Stamp. A group of members then helped me earn it. After earning it, I was encouraged to join by them for that reason. So, I did. That is why I believe you should join the Help Force.


What did you think about this post? We’re open to suggestions in-order to improve our posting! Comment down below! 

~Blue Yogurt

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