Double Trouble: Yoda and IceQueen1020

Hiya helpers!! Welcome to the latest edition of your favourite blog, Double Trouble! The series where Dhanush and PinguMaliz hunt out the besties of Help Force, interview them, and test how much they know about each other. For this week, we have a very special duo for you all, Yoda and IceQueen1020!

Welcome to the Double Trouble Yoda and Elsa!

Yoda: If i do this interview will you let my cat go

IceQ: No

Your cat isn’t with me anyway

Nvm that question was directed at pingu

Yoda: lmao

Lovely introduction, how are you guys feeling being here together?

Yoda: Like eww i only play fortnite with her cause i dont have friends

IceQ: Wow what a nice confession of you being a loner 🤣

Yoda: You are lucky you are my only option 🙄

IceQ: Shut up, you’re the one that should be grateful 😒

Okay so first question.. How did you guys first meet?

IceQ: I was a judge and yoda was JIT

Yoda: And i made her write a whole review thingy just to never judge a battle 🤩

IceQ: Cos he’s a dumb sandal

Yoda: Then we got closer after her retirement event i think

IceQ: Probably 😇

Yoda was regularly in my DMs forcing me to log on for HF events 

Oo intresting.. So how did you guys get so close?

IceQ: Fortnite. Like literally


IceQ: All my best friends play Fortnite. Shoutout to my ex IW leaders; DrQueen, Kally, Freedomist & Levelz 

Yoda: I scammed her into gifting me an emote 

IceQ: Shush, I did that out of my kindness 

Yoda: Funny enough chats we had during fortnite and our weird sleep schedule made us hang out more

IceQ: Yh we’re night owls 

Yoda: Ha talk about yourself i sleep and wake up at 3 am for no reason and i dm you, you are usually awake

IceQ: Talk about yourself, who wakes up and plays Fortnite at 6am?! Only you

I see .. So what would be your first impression of each other?

IceQ: He’s a dumb sandal and very funny and caring

Yoda hurry up I need to eat

I’m actually eating rice and typing with my left hand

Be super grateful 😤

Yoda: She’s old and cant even hear what im saying in vc i have to say atleast 3 times so she can understand she is also super bald even balder than snowflake but she is my bestie ofc she is barely funny (optional) and cool to chat can count on her in every subject very kind and sweet friend only problem is her sandals man I BLAME DESIREUS FOR SLIPPERS OR SANDALS WHATEVER

Very interesting :)) who bullies the other person the most?

IceQ: I think [his previous message] is enough evidence that yoda is the bigger bully 😤

Yoda: She is a total cyber bully

Idek how Iw didnt kick her out for bad behaviour 🙄🙄

I am not a bully shush u

IceQ: No u

Hmm it seems like you both like to bully each other a lot.. If you guys ever met IRL where would you first go?

IceQ: Theme park

Yoda: She promised me with waffles 

IceQ: Did I?


IceQ: Thanks for the suggestion, I should 

Yes you should >:) so before we end, would you guys like to tell anything to the readers?

Yoda: Drink water and attend events or i will force you to play fortnite with us🌚

IceQ: Yoda is a sandal 

 I’m the real Elsa 

Editor (BEASTO): No, you are not the Real Elsa >:DD

Thank you so much for coming both of you!! <3

Yes indeed, Yoda is a sandal. A lovely sandal who likes to bully IceQueen. But it is time to ask ourselves, is this sandal a true friend? Or just a bully? Only the 100 % accurate Double Trouble friendship test will tell! It consists of 6 random multiple choice questions the interviewees first have to answer for themselves, and then what they think the other person said.

Would you rather watch the sunrise or sunset?

IceQ: both or if i have to choose then its sunrise

Yoda: Ig her would be sunrise i mean sunrise is always pretty

Would you rather stay in or go out?

IceQ: depends who it is that i’m going with, i wanna explore the world but i also love the comfort of my home

Yoda: for icequeen i think she would be at home she loves playing games during late night

What movie genre do you prefer? Action/adventure, thrillers, or romantic comedies?

IceQ: action/adventure

Yoda: i think icequeen would go with action considering she is watching anime as well

What type of food do you like more out of these: Japanese, American, or Italian?

IceQ: japanese

Yoda: I think if she knows her taste, she will say italy it has a lot of choices and yummy stuff

What pet would you rather have? Cat, dog, fish, or no pets?

IceQ: cat (someone else can run after it tho and teach it how to behave and i’ll sip my tea)

Yoda: For her hmmmmm i think her personality is more like a cat person

What is your favourite holiday?

IceQ: you’ve ended with a hard question, I wanna see Makkah, Madinah, Jerusalem, Bangladesh, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Florida, Switzerland, Egypt and more. The whole world insha’Allah. I guess my ideal holiday is spending time with people i love, relaxing, exploring the world God has given us and doing everything according to my own timeframe with no stress whatsoever. 

Ohh i meant holidays like christmas and stuff haha sorry for the confusion 😭

IceQ: my favourite holidays are Ramadan and Eid 🌙

Yoda: Most likely ramadan and eid

Oh wowie 4/6 correct from Yoda the friendly sandal. Let’s see how well IceQueen will do!

Would you rather watch the sunrise or sunset?

Yoda: Sunrise

IceQ: sunrise

Would you rather stay in or go out?

Yoda: Tbh i would go out view of istanbul is always fascinating also its nice to hang out and talk during night time

IceQ: go out on an evening

What movie genre do you prefer? Action/adventure, thrillers, or romantic comedies?

Yoda: Well that depends on my mood but ill go with action movies they keep me on screen 

IceQ: thriller

What type of food do you like more out of these: Japanese, American, or Italian?

Yoda: Italian sounds more tasty and closer to my culture japanese is not my thing and american food doesnt go more than a burger i think idk so ill say italian 

IceQ: japanese

What pet would you rather have? Cat, dog, fish, or no pets?

Yoda: Cat

IceQ: cat (he has one called uhhh what was his name again)

What is your favourite holiday?

Yoda: Probably ramadan which is eid when u are able to eat freely after a long time lmao

Like when meals takes 3-4 h of your day and you are not able to eat time doesnt pass

IceQ: Ramadan and Eid 🌙

IceQ also got 4 answers right, which gives this lovely duo a score of 67 %! We hope you all had fun today and will see you next week when we get to know a new pair of HF besties!

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