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Hello Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of Food for Every Soul by myself, Mayathefirst! In this series I interview people from the Help Force about their favorite and famous recipes. For this week’s recipe, I decided to interview one of our newer staff members, HF General PinguMaliz!

I started off by asking Pingu some questions about the recipe she decided to share with us today!

Welcome Pingu to our recipe series interview! Can you tell us what recipe you will talking about today?

Pingu: Today I will let you know how to make some yummy chocolate balls!

Can you tell us why this recipe is important to you? Is it a family recipe, and is there any history or story behind it?

Pingu: This is something incredibly common in Sweden and I would say that the average Swede knows the recipe by heart. They are very quick to make and requires no baking in an oven so it was the first thing I learned to bake by myself when I was little, and therefore I ate it like all the time XD

But here comes the best part, the recipe! (As explained by Pingu!)


» 100 g butter

» 1 dl sugar

» 1 tbsp vanilla sugar

» 3 tbsp cocoa

» 3-4 dl oats

» 2-3 tbsp (preferably cold) strong coffee

» Pearlsugar/nibsugar or coconut flakes or sprinkles


  • Take the butter out to soften before staring or put it a few seconds in a microwave
  • Mix butter, sugar and vanilla sugar with a spoon
  • Add cocoa
  • Add oats and coffee, mix until well blended
  • Form small, round balls out of the dough and roll them in whatever topping you prefer, try to cover them completely in topping

Tip: If they are hard to roll, add more oats. If they fall apart, add more liquid (you can use water if you’re out of coffee)

  • For better flavour, store them in a fridge (around 15 minutes is enough) before you eat and enjoy!

Do you have any tips or tricks on making it or why people may like this recipe, or any memories from it?

Pingu: I have a looot of memories from making and eating these, my most recent one is from when I made them yesterday haha. I always use instant coffee when I make these but we didn’t have any so I had to call my mom and ask her how to brew coffee cause I have never done it before lol

Thank you Pingu for this very yummy recipe!

With that, we’ve reached the end of the post. I know you wanted to read more XD but I will be back next time with more fresh and delicious content. If anyone would like to share a recipe with us, DM me with your ideas!

Bon Appetit! <3

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