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Arcadium Times

Hello Helpers! Welcome to a new web series called… Arcadium Times! This is where I will be talking about what has been hosted within the Help Force Arcadium from one week ago!

Today, I will be talking about what has been hosted at the HF Arcadium. I will start of describing on what the Arcadium is… The Help Force Arcadium is where members of HF can come and join events that are being hosted by the Arcadium Staff. – Throughout this post I will be showing you what has been hosted on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday by the arcadium staff!

On Monday 12th FebruarySkillz Hosed a game of Bomb party! In this game task is to try to spell out a word with the given letters. We don’t have any photo’s through-out the game, but I do have a photo of the winners:

On Tuesday 13th February, Icequeen1020 decided to host one of the classic games there it out there, and that is Skribbl.io (We did play two rounds of skribbl.io with custom words. The first round was the practice game)

First round (Practice round):

Second round:

Now, let’s move onto when f0xyy_p1ayzz hosted a game of Gartic Phone on Wednesday 14th Feruary. Throughout this game we have to write a sentence then draw what the sentence says. I will give an example below:

Once the game ends, the host will show each players sentence!

I still am upset with this cyber-bulling crime what was made within Gartic Phone

Thursday 15th February, choco hosted a game of Roblox, but we could choose what game on roblox we should play! The most votes will determine what game we play.

By the end of the voting time, it was clear that Item Asylum won with 7 votes.

To end the week off, Nell Decided to host a little puzzle game which seems to be a word search!

That’s it for today folks, BUT I will be back soon with another web series of Arcadium Time! 🙂 Next Week, I will be talking about what happened in Arcadium during the week!  See you next time and take care!

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