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Snowy Wanted for Crimes Against the State

For weeks, comrade Jo has been trying to invade comrade Snowy, through dozens of events and battles. Each and every time, comrade Snowy somehow managed to escape, evading comrade Jo’s capture. We cannot let this continue to happen as her arrest is crucial for winning Ausia Arena.

Comrade Snowy has committed many crimes against the state that will interfere with Ausia Arena, hence her capture is required for us to win. These crimes include plotting to assassinate the commanders, embezzling Ayan Hats, and smuggling food. The first one is not as important as the other two, but it is still worth mentioning.

One night, during a cold Ausia event, Comrade Desireus was busy eating some ice cream. Unbeknownst to him, comrade Snowy was sneaking up behind him, knife in hand, planning to kill her fellow comrade. Luckily, comrade Jo was there to stop comrade Snowy. When confronted, Comrade Snowy declared war on the Help Force.

The despicable actions of comrade Snowy are unforgivable, which is why we must invade her and capture her. After all, without commanders, we can’t win Ausia Arena.

Comrade Snowy, like comrade Choco, has embezzled millions of Ayan Hats over her reign as Secretary General of the force. Comrade Snowy abused her power as Secretary General to embezzle millions of Ayan Hats. The job of Secretary General allowed comrade Snowy to control who does or doesn’t get membership into the army. She used this to allow only people loyal to her into the army, allowing her to easily cover up her embezzlement. I can’t believe no one noticed this, considering that comrade Wynn had warned us, saying “Comrade Snowy, having become Secretary General, has unlimited authority concentrated in the palm of her hand and I am not sure whether she will always be capable of using that authority with sufficient caution”. Furthermore, Comrade Wynn also said, “I suggest that the Comrades think about a way of removing Snowy”. Comrade Wynn warned us and none of us listened. We must stop this money-hungry maniac. With Snowy’s embezzlement, HF will not have enough funds to fund the war. Did I say war? I meant battle. We totally aren’t preparing an invasion of ACP-owned Hot Chocolate or anything.

Last but not least, comrade Snowy has also committed the crime of smuggling food. This has greatly affected us as the food she is smuggling is being stolen from our food supplies and given to opposing armies. We cannot allow her to do this, as we will soon run out of food while our enemies feast. This will make us lose the battle of attrition. We must recuperate all the food stolen by comrade Snowy, and punish her severely for it.

This is why we cannot let Comrade Snowy escape any longer. Together, we must unite to destroy comrade Snowy. Her capture is necessary for our war. Did I say war again? I meant the “reacquisition” of lost territory. And we need the capture of Comrade Snowy for that.

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