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HF News

  • U-lead! This Sunday we had a U-lead event after a long time! Amazing job leading guys
  • Ausia Arena! This week we are getting prepared for our first battle of the tournament! Make sure to focus on training and win this battle!

Gamer Of The Week

This week Dan won the prestigious award of Gamer of the Week! The HF Beacon team reached out to him for comment on his award:

Think before you say something that could hurt someone’s feelings

Thank you Dan!

Helpers Book Club

Nothing without an amazing story section. Make sure to read this engrossing corner of the HF Beacon, and let us know if you want to write stories in the upcoming editions!

The Boxing Match

— Mantiuxx

Once upon a time, in a dark alleyway, there was a fierce boxing match between two unlikely opponents: a rat and a cat.

The rat, known as Rizzo, was small but scrappy. He had trained for years in the art of boxing, perfecting his quick reflexes and powerful punches. On the other hand, the cat, named Whiskers, was large and intimidating. He was the reigning champion of the alleyway, having defeated every challenger that dared to step into the ring with him.

But Rizzo was determined to be the first rat to defeat Whiskers. He had spent months preparing for this fight, both physically and mentally. As the two opponents stepped into the ring, the crowd of alley cats and rodents cheered them on.

The bell rang, and the fight began. Whiskers lunged at Rizzo with his sharp claws, but Rizzo dodged his attacks with lightning-fast moves. Rizzo’s punches were fast and powerful, and he landed several direct hits on Whiskers.

But Whiskers wasn’t going down that easily. He fought back with a flurry of punches, forcing Rizzo to retreat. The two opponents circled each other, each looking for an opening to strike.

The fight was intense, with both Rizzo and Whiskers giving it their all. The crowd cheered and shouted, caught up in the excitement of the battle.

Finally, after several grueling rounds, Rizzo saw his chance. Whiskers was getting tired, and Rizzo saw an opening. With one swift move, he delivered a knockout punch that sent Whiskers tumbling to the ground.

The crowd erupted in cheers as Rizzo was declared the winner of the match. Rizzo had achieved the impossible, becoming the first rat to defeat the champion cat.

As Rizzo celebrated his victory, he realized that he had proven something important: that even the smallest and seemingly weakest creatures could triumph with determination, skill, and a little bit of luck.

Game Corner

This section features a new puzzle every week for you to play. You can send your completed puzzle to mantiuxx#0002 in dms!

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Art And Memes Corner

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Person/Meme of the Week

The person of the week is someone who dedicates a lot of time and energy into the army. And they’re a meme.

Weekly Promotions

These people have worked very hard for the army this week, now its their time to be recognized! Make sure to congratulate them for their hard efforts.

ImPatt – Professional Helper

Pluffy – Supreme Helper

Lewa – Commando Brigade

Hstergirl – Amateur Helper

Lily – Amateur Helper

Kbking – Trainee

Shadow Demon – Supreme Helper

Mani_Playz – Trainee

Asu – Elite Helper

Max40000010 – Proffesional Helper

Jack – Amateur Helper

Question of the week:

If you could choose, what animal would you be and why?

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