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Helper Fiction: Vol 1

Have you ever wondered what fictional characters you and other Helpers would be? Well, wonder no more!

Javi – Scrooge McDuck


Scrooge McDuck, otherwise known as “the richest duck in the world,” is literally Javi. He hoards gold in his giant mansion, and everything he does is about money and getting more if it. He’s very protective of his wealth and would do anything to earn even a penny. Unlike Javi, who would gamble all that money in a second, Scrooge hates gambling because he would never risk his gold. It’s impressive that Javi has any money at all after all her gambling, but she’s managed to collect quite the fortune. Every day she becomes one step closer to becoming Scrooge McDuck.


Elp – Bender Bending Rodriguez


Bender is one of the stars of the animated show Futurama and is definitely Elp from another universe. He’s a sarcastic, hedonistic, quippy robot whose job is to avoid working at all costs. As a robot he’s above the imperfections of man and he reminds them of it every chance he gets. He loves beer, loves turtles, and on more than one occasion ruled over whole galactic civilizations, forcing them to build a gigantic statue of himself (Elp, anyone?) He’s known for looking out for himself first but occasionally helps out others, usually to further his own agenda. Like Elp, Bender is Hispanic, built in a factory in Tijuana, Mexico (which explains a lot of his… habits). Bender loves causing chaos wherever he goes and then leaving things a mess for someone else to clean up, an admirable trait.


Choco – The Blue M&M

M&M's - character Blue | M&m characters, Cute cartoon wallpapers, Character wallpaper

So this one isn’t exactly from a movie or TV show or anything but it’s 100% accurate. According to the Chocolate Wiki, his interests include ladies, which explains why Choco is always asking for a woman – he’s a chocolate, it’s ingrained in his DNA. His age is listed as “old enough,” which makes me think that Choco is some kind of immortal chocolate being who watches over us, especially the ladies. His turn-offs include anyone with an attitude problem, which makes sense. How many times has Choco called out other Helpers for being not tasty? My best guess is he’s in Help Force to collect information on us humans and will soon return to his M&M brethren to rule over humanity once and for all.


Desireus – Lightning McQueen


So I’ve never actually seen Cars, but based on the title alone, yeah this is Des. A car man. Maybe stick a few coconuts on top of the car to be more accurate. Or let a coconut drive the car.


Maya – Princess Jasmine

Jasmine | Disney Princess

Maya is in every way like Princess Jasmine. She’s resourceful, clever, elegant, and looks amazing in blue dresses (Sorry Roo, no red dress this time). As far as I know she’s never gone on a crazy Arabic adventure with a monkey and some guy, but it could happen. She doesn’t have a pet tiger, either, but Mantiuxx is a cat so it’s probably close enough.


There you have it! Comment below if you agreed with any of these and which Helpers should be next on the list.


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