Financial Collapse In Neotopia | The Joviet Union Comes Out On Top

The infamous NeoBlaze along with Plotter, Skillz, Val, and Nafis have all founded the nation of Neotopia. Neo had promised the others wealth and glory, but they soon found themselves in financial ruin, unable to pay their taxes. While Neotopia has failed as a nation, other nations, such as the Joviet Union, had found themselves in economic prosperity. Here, I will explore the financial situation, and crimes of Neotopia, showing the world just how much better the Joviet Union is.


Neotopia’s economy is in shambles, on the verge of collapse every day. On the other hand, the Joviet Union’s economy is booming.

Neotopia attempts to convince people that its economy is prosperous, by building fancy houses.

But these houses are nothing more than Potemkin houses, fake and distractions from the real problem.

The Joviet Union doesn’t do this, and their bases are instead reflections of their vast wealth.

At the end of the day, Neotopia are just capitalist scum.

Neotopia also uses outdated methods of production such as

wheat fields

and slavery

On the other hand, the Joviet Union is filled with modern technologies such as

automatic egg farms that produce hundreds of eggs a minute

and air tunnels that allow for easy and safe air access to the base

If you aren’t convinced that the Joviet Union has a vastly superior economy, here is further evidence of Neotopia’s economic collapse.

To make up for their failing economy, the residents of Neotopia have resorted to pillaging villages, raiding their farms to feed themselves. Not only do they do this, but they also take pride in the destruction and chaos that they have caused.

The economy of these capitalist scum has failed them. The only thing they can take pride in is their criminal actions to fund their broken system.


The pillaging of villages is the least of Neotopia’s crimes. These capitalist scum have no morals, participating in animal cruelty and various other offences.

Here is a picture of their cow farm, cramped with undesirable conditions.

They’ve also created “houses” to mock the animals that they kidnap when in reality, it is just a convenient way for them to organise their prisoners.

The Joviet Union doesn’t do this, instead letting residents roam freely and not in captivity.

The Joviet Union treats everyone equally, from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs. Neotopia are just some capitalist scum who try to create a functioning system but fail due to their greed. If you are considering joining a nation, join the Joviet Union! If you need any more proof of why the Joviet Union is superior to Neotopia, just look at this picture.


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