Help Force Daily: 5 Strong Years Anniversary in the Mines

Hello Helpers! Today on the Help Force Daily, we are going to talk a bit about how last week went and let me just say it was a fantastic week in which we celebrated the Help Force anniversary. How did it go? Read the post to find out.

The Commanders decided that the anniversary will be celebrated through a 5-day event, each day represented a year that involved so many Help Force memories and fun events. The Helpers celebrated the event in a fun way, shared memories and also former staff helped with the preparations of the day in the year they were a staff in, in which they hosted some fun games, interacted with the current Help Force Generation and told them stories about the old HF times.

2018 & 2019

On the 9th of March, the Helpers celebrated the first day of the anniversary event by reminiscing about the old times in the Community, renaming the channels to how they were in the past and playing games hosted by the 2018/2019 Commanders Ayan and Spotty. They hosted a Find Four tournament in which many people participated in, and it was such an enjoyable time.

A Word from our former Commanders Morty and Spotty on the Help Force Generation during those years

Morty: Back in 2018 a guy had a great idea to form a team to help others find stamps in a penguin game called CP Online. The small team worked and played all summer long. It slowly grew and being at the right place at the right time it became a New Generation Club Penguin Army. Then this leader worked hard with his group and we learned how to battle and have fun along the way. By the years end with a little bit of luck we became a family and a power to reckon with.

Spotty: 2019 can definitely be deemed as a year of drama, from the annual January drama, to the year ending with the army leaving CPO. Additionally, HF had many ups and downs throughout the year including the famous themed weeks of Harry Potter and Halloween, to winning the Summer Bash, and Ayan retiring for the first of many times. Without a doubt, the year 2019 is one of the most crucial years in the army’s history, helping to establish it as the respectful army that it is known to be today.

Find Four Tournament


On the next day, the Helpers continued on with their anniversary event talking in the chats about a very popular year in the Community, which is 2020. During this year Covid hit, everyone stayed at home, and it was a year that witnessed a Globel pandemic which helped revive armies and one of them was definitely the Help Force. During the celebration of this year, Komal (flypin1) and Sam Chilles hosted a very fun hide and seek that had two teams of Vampires and Werewolves, which was a very famous theme for a hide and seek game in the Community during that year.

A Word from our former Commanders Vedant on the Help Force Generation during that year.


Hide and Seek: Werewolves vs Vampires!


This year was definitely a year filled with events in the Help Force, it was this year when the Blue Squadron and the Blitz Sessions were introduced to the Community, and those two Segments were definitely a way to get the Helpers closer to each other. it was a such a fun year and everyone was so dedicated to the Army. The Help Force was also grinding during this year and everyone was so energetic while recruiting and attending events. And so on the 3rd day of the Anniversary event, one of the great former Commanders of 2021, Nell, hosted a fun game in which people had to find the penguins mixed with the people in a picture, as she was always interested in doing puzzles with the Helpers!

Find the Penguin game.


This year was a year full of surprises, ups and downs and also was a great year in the Help Force. During this year, the Help Force dominated the top tens many times and the Helpers made themselves known as a strong Troops among other armies especially during the Wars that occurred during that year.

A Word from our former Commander Snowy on the Help Force Generation during that year.

2022 had several ups and downs, but overall we succeeded and saw each challenge through to the end.


On the last day of the Anniversary event, the Help Force former Commander and Creator Ayan wished a happy birthday to the Help Force, and he spoke about how proud and grateful to everyone he is for keeping the Help Force legacy alive for 5 straight years. He also made a channel for the Helpers, so they can share the memories they had together during all their time in the Help Force.

A Word from our current Commanders Rooboo and Desireus on the Help Force Anniversary event.

Rooboo: Being a commander during the 5th anniversary for Help Force is so precious to me. Minimum ever expected us reaching where we are today due to allegations of armies dying all the time but here we are striving on top! Yes climates change, but we always find a way. I also am glad to say that I’ve always been here since mid 2019 and I’ve went through so much here wirh the army and have seen many generations and not a time occurred where I doubted HF’s glory and strength! I’m very honored to be here till this day and till many more. Thank you to everyone for making all those years possible. Generations deliver to generations, and that’s how the legacy lives on always :HFsalute: :EH~2:

Desireus: Once again, I’d like to wish all of us a Happy 5th Anniversary. Its been my absolute honour as a leader to be celebrating this year. It truly has been one heck of a journey for each and everyone of us, and I hope that you all have cherished every good memory that has passed. Cheers to more amazing memories and many more good years!

Happy Birthday Help Force, this Community will always be in our hearts and hopefully we will get to celebrate its Anniversary next year! Thank you everyone for reading the post, make sure to like and comment below if you enjoyed it.

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