Citizens of Hot Chocolate are Revolting

The citizens of the Army of Club Penguin occupying Hot Chocolate have had enough of ACP’s shenanigans. The citizens are revolting because ACP stole all of the showers, turning the chocolate civilians into smelly imposters. The citizens are also revolting in the form of strikes and aggressive licking.

The sleep-deprived, hungry, and smelly citizens of Hot Chocolate have taken control of key buildings, including various food storages. The workers in these buildings joined the revolt, going on strike and aggressively licking their ACP overlords. The mastermind behind this operation was none other than Choco, the cannibal. Some may question this choice of leadership, considering Choco’s extensive list of crimes against chocmanity, but there was no doubt that he had what it took to lead the revolution.

Following Choco’s inauguration as leader of the revolution, he issued a thesis, promising sleep, food, and showers to the smelly chocolate people. The people of Hot Chocolate eagerly agreed, sparking the revolution. With this newfound hope, the people of Hot Chocolate may be able to liberate themselves, freeing them from the evil clutches of ACP. This was until ACP started fighting back.

Calgo issued a decree, stating that all shampoos, soaps, and toothpaste would be confiscated from the residents of Hot Chocolate. This only increased how revolting the chocolate bars were. But the fight was not over yet. The workers continued to strike in filth, marching through the gravel streets. The revolution only got more violent when Calgo released his army of Murder Buses to run over the striking civilians.

Days passed, then months, then years, even though ACP has only had Hot Chocolate for about a month, 20 years had passed since the start of the revolution. Choco, now an old and a single chocolate bar fell sick. He was suffering from a severe case of a skill issue, causing his health to deteriorate. As Choco slowly died, the revolution died with him. Hope for liberating Hot Chocolate from ACP was gone.

The people were no longer revolting as there were no people. No people to be dirty. No people to strike. No people to eat. There was no one. ACP had won, the Murder Buses proven to be too strong. There was only one way for Hot Chocolate to be restored to its former glory. The only solution was the Help Force. This means war. See you on the battlefield within 20 years, ACP. The declaration will take some time, considering that the messenger was eaten several times.

To be continued……

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