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The Dynasty House – NeoBlaze

Hello Helpers! Today on The Dynasty House, we are going to interview someone who has been in the Help Force for a long while and always made sure to stand out as one of the OGs in the Community. Please everyone welcome today’s guest, NeoBlaze!

NeoBlaze joined the Help Force about 4 years ago from now, he has always been active in the chats, and he was one to stand out for his amazing presence in the Community. NeoBlaze was never a Help Force Staff member, and since Dynasty role is usually given to former Staff members, you might be wondering how did NeoBlaze earn the Dynasty role. Read the interview below to find out!

Hello NeoBlaze, how are you doing today?

Wild, how about you

I’m doing amazing, can you tell us how did you join the Help force? 

24th of May, 2019. No one recruited me. I saw a group of blue penguins in uniforms shuffling around on club penguin one fateful day and decided this was gonna be the path I’ll take in life.

When did you become a Dynasty? and why?

I was gifted the role sometime in the middle of 2021 if I remember correctly. A random discussion about dynasties came about and Ayan felt generous enough to offer me the role even though I hadn’t really been staff before.

Did earning the Dynasty role feel special?

Well yeah it is a special role after all. It’s like being part of the cool kids’ group in the school. Except I ended up there having never attended the class.

Who is the person you enjoy chatting with the most in the help force?

It’s impossible to list whom I enjoy chatting with the most- lots of people have come and gone and made the list. But if I was here and messing around with you in HF a year ago. I’d still love to do the same today. Some specific people are closer to me than others and it’s easy to identify them, I just don’t want to any one of them dirty by forgetting to mention them right now because I am forgetful, and it is 3am.

What do you enjoy the most in the Help Force? and do you have any memorable event of yours?

Just talking, preferably with people I’ve gotten to know and like. As for memorable events, let’s just say the “screenshots” folder in my pc is even bigger than my “homework” folder.

Do you have any hobbies other than being Dynasty in HF?

Outside of “militant cult of children on discord” my biggest addiction is to music currently. I cannot go by in life without needing a soundtrack to accompany and elevate my existence.

What kind of music do you like? and who is your favorite artist?

I’m interested in music of many kinds but the ones I love the most usually revolve around something experimental and ambitious (and sometimes pretentious) like Prog Rock, Post-rock, Psychedelic etc. The artists I obsess over the most are Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Radiohead, Nirvana to name a few

Is there anything you would like to say to end this Interview?

yeah I’d love to say a few last words and those would be:

don’t care + didn’t ask + cry about it + stay mad + get real + L + mald seethe cope harder + hoes mad + basic + skill issue + ratio + you fell off + the audacity + triggered + any askers + redpilled + get a life + ok and? + cringe + touch grass + donowalled + not based + your’re a (insert stereotype) + not funny didn’t laugh + you’re* + grammar issue + go outside + get good + reported + ad hominem + GG! + ask deez + ez clap + straight cash + ratio again + final ratio + stay mad + stay pressed + cancelled + done for + mad free + freer than air + rip bozo + slight_smile + cringe again + mad cuz bad + lol + irrelevant + cope + jealous + go ahead whine about it + your problem + don’t care even more + not okay + glhf + problematic + Mncope mnseethe mncope mncope + Neo4Ceo

That’s it for today boys and girls! Make sure to like and comment below if you enjoyed reading the post! till Next week 🙂

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