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HF De-lice-ious Awards 2022

Hello Comrades, here is the complete list and winners of the Help Force De-lice-ious Awards 2020.

Congratulations to all those that were nominated and those who won an award!

De-lice-ious award trophy made by Nightfury


Best Categories

Winner: Rohan

Winner: Snowy

Winner: Pavle

Winner: Diwix

Winner: Nightfury

Winner: ACP

Winner: overtime??

Winner: Elp

Winner: Yoda

Winner: Rooboo

Winner: Chrissy

Winner: Nene

Winner: Vedant


“Most likely” categories

Winner: Chrissy

Winner: Chrissy

Winner: SWAT

Winner: Javi

Winner: armin

Winner: Nightfury

Winner: Plotter

Winner: Javi

Winner: Rev & Choco

Winner: NeoBlaze

Winner: NeoBlaze


Miscellaneous, Fun & Random categories

Winner: NeoBlaze

Winner: Nell

Winner: :EH:

Winner: Wynn’s Retirement

Winner: Snowflake

Winner: Elp is the greatest

Winner: Chrissy

Winner: Jo

Winner: Juanita

Winner: Aaronstone

Winner: YMCA

Winner: !banchoco; Case #9772 Choco has been banned for eternity


Best of the Best categories

Winner: JazXD & Plotter

Winner: JasonRed

Winner: Mayathefirst

Winner: Yoda

Winner: Wynn

Winner: Chrissy

Honorary De-lice-ious Award





Congratulations to all the winners! Don’t forget to keep working hard because you are what makes our Motherland Glorious and Gracious, and good luck for the next edition of the awards! Elp is the greatest.

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