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Entire Village Enslaved: Human Rights Violations at Valhalla

Once a peaceful and booming town, Valhalla has now turned into a blazing slum of despair. Villagers who once had rights were now imprisoned in their own homes and enslaved. Animals who used to live luxuriously in their open fields have now been locked up in 1 block cages, where their children are drowned in lava and eaten. How did such a cruel thing happen in the world of Minecraft?

Villager Cruelty

Villagers are treated poorly in the town of Valhalla. Residents of the local village near the town have been enslaved. After the cruel leaders of Valhalla took all the residents that they needed, the remaining villagers were left barricaded in their own homes, with no food or water.

What a truly devastating sight, however, this is not the end of Valhalla’s crimes against the villager population.

The image above seems like an ordinary house, but it is hiding a dark secret.

From the window, you can see a head hung on the wall to the left and blood stains scattered across the floor. It was clear that some sort of struggle happened here, resulting in the death of the person whose head is on the wall. This is not the only terror of this house.

An innocent villager has been kidnapped and trapped inside the house to be used as a personal servant. Such cruelty should not exist in Minecraft. Valhalla should face punishment for their crimes.

Animal Cruelty

The majority of crimes committed by Valhalla have been against the villagers, however, the animal community have also been attacked by these sick individuals.

The image above shows a “chicken farm”, where dozens of chickens are cramped into a one block space, where their children are taken and burned for food. This unethical treatment of chickens has caused outrage in the vegan community. When will the cruelty of Valhalla end?

Other Crimes

Valhalla are also guilty of other crimes. For one, they are sussy warmongers, who use kidnapped villagers as bait to anger their innocent pillager Neighbours.

These heroic pillagers are killed daily in multiple attempts to free the kidnapped villagers. Their efforts are however in vain as the leaders of Valhalla used villager hostages as bait to lure the pillagers into a trap.

We will not stand for such cruelty and we must coup these warmongers. Moreover, Valhalla contains a ritualistic portal, most likely a device to sacrifice innocent villagers and animals.

It appears that Valhalla also contains underground gulags, used to keep prisoners before transporting them to be sacrificed at the portal.

I give Valhalla 3/10 stars. Would not recommend going if you are a villager or a chicken.


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