The Most Based Staff Member Retires

ZIPLINE, HF Capital – Sadness has dawned upon our glorious gracious motherland as the most based person of the staff team announced his retirement. Help Force Admiral Diwix stepped down from Staff rank on 10 September 2022 after more than a year of service as a Staff member.

Diwix joined the Help Force on 14 December 2019. Ayan himself recruited the curry loving dude, however, it took some while for Diwix to gain interest in the army. Starting from mid-2020, Diwix started getting more involved in the community. Everyone knows Diwix as one of the friendliest people around – I myself was first and foremost welcome by him when I enlisted as a staff member in HF in 2021. Diwix is one of the few Helpers who transcend the Help Force community. He is popular in quite a lot of other armies too, and close friends with some people you might have heard of like Aaronstone, Zamb, etc. He has done quite a lot for the Help Force. He’s been one of the most hardworking recruiters we’ve ever seen, and a true leader of the community no matter what rank he led.

To give you a more nuanced insight into this amazing human, I compiled a few statements from people who’ve worked with/are friends with Diwix.

Diwix has been an asset to the army ever since he stepped foot in the force. I can proudly say that he has single handedly managed a lot of diplomatic relations and aided the administration whenever required. I wouldn’t say more for I know this is just an end of a chapter, and not the journey itself. I wish him luck for his future endeavors.
– Spectre, HF Creator


While I knew his retirement was coming, I didn’t expect it to be so sudden and out of the blue. Not a big cheer, neither an event, just something “under the table” for someone who has given much support to our Glorious Gracious Motherland. I wish him the best for his irl stuff and that he keeps using his sarcastic sense of humor to good use. Godspeed. Elp is the greatest
– Elp, the Greatest


Diwix was a very hardworking staff member, and we will miss him and his constant snacking on curry
– Snowy, HF Commander


Diwix was a major part of the staffing team when he became one. Diwix and me became good friends when we both actually became Majors together (which was the highest rank back in 2020) and I feel he had grown so much once we both became staff. He knew what he was doing, he also knew alots of things that most of us didnt know about cp, you never had a duel conversation with Diwix about things. He worked hard and tremendously to the Admiral rank, and he always found a way to make people laugh with his memes and humor he shared. I will miss him being here to help lead this chaotic server but he will still be able to help guide the new staff into things.
– Mayathefirst, Second in Command


Diwix is based luckily he retired to devote more of his time to making more curry for Help Force (not the staff) and it’s allies. In all honesty Diwix you’re a really cool guy and I wish you well and happiness in whatever you do next.
– Aaronstone (WV Leader)


Diwix has been in the team for quite a time even since before I joined, it is indeed sad to see him depart. It has been honour to be working along side with him and being able to establish our Coconut and Curry business ties which provided HF with unlimited curry.
– Desireus, Leader in Training


Diwix has been one of my cherished friends in help force. He was there when I joined and to be true, the most talkative one. He was one of those who made me feel comfortable around. The day he got his GOTW made me so damn happy because he was trying since months even before I joined. He has literally let so many of us go over and win it. We have had really great times together as staff. I can not lead or approach few matters like he can. His perspective and judgement of situations are one of the reasons why Help Force has progressed. I love him and it was lovely to have him on the team to always have our backs.
– RU, Former Staff


I can say that I have been in cpa for a long time but I know that there are older people than me here. But what I’m sure of is that I have met many many different people from every corner of this planet and every single one of them learned at least one thing from this community experience. Everyone’s characters changed. Diwix was definitely one of these people. I remember most of his journey in help force, from the new member who trolled and had fun all day, to the recruiting legend and then the staff member who has always been reliable and could win war battles. I thank him for every single day he spent in help force and for being my friend. He might seem as a cold person and distant, but he’s not like that at all. It’s just that copying mechanism a lot of people use yk. Cold on the outside so that nothing can hurt you. But despite that, Diwix is actually a warm and caring guy, he is loyal and has a strong faith which I absolutely admire. He is one of those ‘strong essences are kept in small bottles’ kind of people. He taught me many things. From tolerance to selflessness, humility, modesty, discipline and self control. His service and efforts for the Motherland will not go unnoticed.
– Nell (Former Commander)

To find out more about his retirement I decided to interview him!

What was the reason behind your retirement

I mean, I got busy and inactive, figured I’d just retire

What was the most challenging thing you faced in your career?

Hmm, I’d have to say the curry shortages in HF. Those were dark times..

Then I bet your HF experience was much better when we led Bose DK Warriors together, am I right?

Well it lasted longer, so that’s something, but it’s hard to decide honestly

What are your plans as a Cabinet Secretary?

Make curry, eat curry, repeat.

Can you tell me what was your favourite time in hf?

There’s many great memories I’ve made here, little hard to choose between them all. But id say the silver rush war is somewhere up there, was pretty memorable

Last one, any wisdom you wanna share with the readers?

Stay sussy, eat curry

Stay based, brother. It’s been an honor.

Scorpion Demon

Web Head

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