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Hello Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of Food for Every Soul by myself, Mayathefirst! In this series I interview people from the Help Force about their favorite and famous recipes. For this post, I decided to interview the HF Professional Helper: Color_Fish! 

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I started off by asking Color_Fish some questions about the recipe he decided to share with us today!

Welcome Color_Fish to the interview! Can you tell us what recipe you will talk about today?

Color_Fish: I will be talking about Macaroni and Peas!

Creamy shells with peas and bacon in a skillet

Can you tell us why this recipe is important to you? Is it a family recipe, and is there any history or story behind it?

Color_Fish: The recipe is important to me because my great great great Grandma made it and everyone in my family loved it so much that they passed it down generations all the way up to me!

Here comes the exciting part, the Recipe! (As explained in detail by Color_Fish)


1. Dice 1 large sweet onion
2. Sauté in olive oil
3. Add 1 clove garlic finely minced and the all spices now! (Garlic powder, onion powder, salt, freshly grated pepper)
4. Once onion is softened, add 1 whole bag of frozen sweet peas (don’t thaw, just throw them in)
5. Cook over medium/heat for 5 minutes
6. Add 2 small cans of tomato sauce to pot (you can add 3 cans if you like too) stir sauce in & simmer for at least 5 minutes
7. Then fill pot with water leaving some room for the pasta
8. Bring back to a boil and add half a box of small pasta shells to boiling soup
9. Bring back to a rolling boil, add half a bunch of chopped flat leaf parsley and then turn off the heat!
10. The pasta will continue to cook even with the stove off! Just stir every few minutes
11. Serve with fresh Italian bread & grated pecorino Romano cheese or Parmesan
12. Makes the best leftovers too also tastes even better the next day!
Creamy Shells with Peas and Bacon

Do you have any tips or tricks on making it or why people may like this recipe, or any memories from it? 

Color_Fish: No tips or tricks on making it and no reason why people like it. But the memories are great great great grandmas sweet hugs and kisses. Makes the recipe the best one!

Thank you Color_Fish for doing this interview for us!

With that, we’ve reached the end of the post. I know you wanted to read more XD but I will be back next time with more fresh and delicious content. If anyone would like to share a recipe with us, DM me with your ideas!

Bon Appetit! <3

Keep Unleashing The Power Of Helping!


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