CP Knowledge: Herbert

Welcome back to another post of CP Knowledge where I’m going to tell you the history of a mischievous duo, Herbert and Klutzy, how both of them met on Club Penguin, and how their partnership turned into a massive takeover we’ve all heard and seen about, and that’s how Operation Blackout, PSA, and the EPF came known when Herbert realized he could take over the island with the help of a crab.

You all may know Herbert from PSA missions and Operation Blackout. However, if you don’t know who Herbert is, what are PSA missions, or what Operation Blackout is, don’t worry, I got you covered. Herbert lived in the Arctic Circle. However, despite being a polar bear, he hated the cold. Herbert wanted to live somewhere warmer, so he got on an iceberg and went looking for a place down south. The ocean had carried him to Club Penguin. That’s when he saw the snow. Herbert tried to paddle away, only to tip his iceberg into the ocean. Unable to swim, he called out for help, hoping someone out there could hear him. Then, to his shock, a little crab named Klutzy came to Herbert’s rescue, and they became the greatest of friends. P.S.A Penguin Secret Agency is a spy association to keep penguins and the island safe from any danger.

Some operations began before October 2005 to May 2010, when the PSA HQ was destroyed by none other than Herbert P. Bear with a Popcorn Bomb. PSA agents could also become Elite Penguin Force agents if they passed the test. When decommissioned, they transferred all the PSA agents to the EPF along with the PSA data. When you’ve passed to become a PSA agent, they gave you a spy phone and access to PSA Headquarters. Why am I telling you about PSA or Operation Blackout? PSA had these mini-games called missions, you could play, Herbert and Klutzy happened to be in them. In the missions, you were the agent who had to figure out what happened. Herbert and Klutzy were in the majority of the missions, and your job was to catch them. However, each time you caught them, they figured out how to escape.

Operation Blackout was Herbert’s greatest plan in history, or so he thought. Herbert planned to take over the island by blocking the sun with a laser he built. He used that laser to block the sun just to keep himself warm, while the island was getting colder and colder. The penguins on the island were terrified, as there were statues of Herbert everywhere along with no sun. It had all come to an end for Herbert when the PSA and EPF finally defeated him.

Once the sun came out of the shadows, everyone celebrated. Herbert’s laser had been destroyed, once and for all. The director had revealed her identity to be none other than Aunt Arctic herself. However, this was also the last time everyone saw Herbert and Klutzy, may they waddle on, forever in our hearts.

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