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Welcome back fellow Helpers of Help Force! Faces of the Force is back to introduce another special member. This member of the Force is a climbing leader that will never fail to salute you. He gets lost daydreaming about characters of his (ask him about them if curious). He is the sweetest listening ear, hand, and eyes of the Help Force. Let’s give our warmest welcome to a member of Junior Staff, Lord Sen!

Lord Sen is a face not to be missed, since he is almost everywhere! You can never fail to count on his presence, called upon or not. He enjoys getting into the music he enjoys as well as making feel comfortable opening up about anything. Are you surprised that there is hardly anything he dislikes? I sure am! Let’s find out more about Lord Sen and why he is a lord!

Hi Sen!!! How are you doing today?

Pretty good! A little sleepy but that won’t last long~

I hope you have a good start into the day!

I take it you have been in the help force for a while?

Nope! I actually got the position before I’d even been around for a full month, but I don’t regret it at all 🙂

Do you remember how you joined help force?

I believe it was Diwix who recruited me during a segment in the nightclub. At the time I was most interested in collecting stamps and meeting mascots, so I was immediately interested. There were so many people in there that day~

What do you like the best being in your position?

Not sure what exactly tbh… It feels nice to be able to provide something more to the community, and it definitely has given me a lot more reason to actually talk to people. I probably would have stayed a lot quieter otherwise!~

Do you have any fond memories in one of the events we host?

Hmm… I think some of my favourite events have been the card-jitsu tournaments, I managed to get into the top three after at some point falling into the loser’s bracket both time and I think that’s kinda funny. 3rd the first time, 2nd the next… If I keep up the pattern maybe I’ll win next time?~

What event did you enjoyed the most while in help force?

Definitely the March Madness events in general, it was pretty exciting to know that we were so close to winning. We all did really well and I like to know I contributed to that in my own little way 🙂

Yes for sure! What belt are you if I may ask?

I think I got blue recently – I don’t play it often on my downtime, although before Club Penguin shut down I used to play it all the time. I miss the rest of the Card Jitsu games, can’t wait to see them again~

You are climbing fast though! I’m still in orange belt, but I hope to climb higher!

What other games did you miss the most from club penguin?

I missed the fishing game, so I was pretty glad to play it again when I finally found Rewritten. I also miss the game in the coffee shop, so I hope that gets added soon.

Ah yes! Which mascot is your favorite?

Probably Rockhopper. I’m pretty fond of pirate themes in general.

Speaking of just waking up, do you think you have some kind of morning routine?

Nah, I’m awful at routine honestly~ At best I get up, get dressed, brush my teeth and get on with my day. On some days my wonderful sister makes me coffee whilst I’m still in bed – I actually have some today and it’s real nice 🙂

That sounds super sweet of her! Do you have many siblings?

I have two sisters, and I’m the eldest. We all couldn’t be any different from each other – I’m not sure about my youngest sister, but I’m definitely a much more easygoing person than the middle sibling~

What is your thoughts on the help force family?

I’m a lot more comfortable in Help Force than I originally thought I would be, honestly. The people I tend to talk to are generally really nice, and the staff are wonderful~. Everyone’s made me feel a lot less nervous than I initially was and I really owe a lot to them – even the smallest things mean a lot to me, and it’s just nice to say hi every so often ::) 

Who do you think you are the closest with in help force?

Oh, I have absolutely no idea how to answer that one bahahaha. I don’t think there’s anybody in particular that I talk to more often than others, but it’s always nice to talk to the likes of you, Ru, Nerv and Pantera, and I like seeing what Zeni has to say. I’m sorry if I missed anyone, there are so many people I could list and y’all are wonderful <3

By the way, why did you choose Lord Sen as your username?

I originally gave a character I made the nickname Sen because I just liked the sound of it – I have a friend in the Czech Republic who told me that sen meant dream in their language, and I’ve always liked an elegant / formal sort of aesthetic so I just added Lord to it and liked it enough to keep it as my name. Besides it has a nice sound to it~

Are there any movies that you like?

I haven’t watched any movies for a long time… To name a few, though, I liked Rio and Megamind. I’m a sucker for a well-written story, and Rio is just all-around beautiful. Too bad I haven’t watched either movie in years.

Do you have a favorite food you can name at the top of your head?

Fish and chips, for sure. Especially at the café my nan runs. Now that I work there on Saturdays, I always order it once my shift is over~.

What is one wish that you would make?

I’d definitely have to think about that for a while. There is someone I know long-distance that I’d love to get to unite with, though, so that’s pretty high on my priorities. It’s the only thing I can think of off of the top of my head… That or that there are no consequences to my actions – I think that should cover pretty much anything I’d ever want to do regardless~~

What would you say is your secret talent?

Improvising, I guess? I don’t really know. I like to write characters and pretty much try out different ways of thinking along with them. Not sure if I’d call it a talent of mine, but it’s probably the closest I have to one ahaha

What is a tongue twister that you can say at the top of your head?

I don’t know many tongue-twisters, but I can do some of the well-known ones. The woodchuck tongue-twister is one I can do quite easily. ‘Red lorry, yellow lorry’, on the other hand, I absolutely cannot. Don’t know what it is about the letter L, but it does not cooperate >:(

What are things you look forward to as you stay in help force?

Oh, everything, really. I especially look forward to getting to know everyone better, and participating in future tournaments will never fail to be something to look forward to.

Lastly, what is something you want to tell the helpers of help force?

Relax, enjoy yourself, sleep is a myth, stay cool

That is the end of this week’s Face of the Force! Hope you had a fun read as much as I had getting to know Lord Sen. Give your warmest hello to a new face of the Help Force! Maybe even ask him about his daydreaming! Remember to leave a comment if you enjoyed reading. See you next time, fellow Helpers!

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