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ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – Welcome back to The Beacon! Following a much required revamp, we’re excited to present to you a brand new version of HF’s weekly dose of entertainment. Let’s dive straight into it!


The Return Of The March Madness 

The infamous army tournament March Madness is all set to begin on the coming Sunday! Help Force will be facing off against the Secret Service in the Quarter Finals of the tournament. Last year, the tournament ended in disgrace as the Help Force was denied a clear win due to the biased judging team. It led to one of our greatest festivals, Overtime?? Day, where we remembered the injustice of the league and demoted staff (cuz why not). Will the Help Force come out on top this time?

Card Jitsu Released On CP Rewritten

Yep, you heard it right. The long elusive Card Jitsu game is finally back in the game, along with the Card Jitsu Party. Help Force actually managed to announce this news before CP Rewritten could, quite a feat, ain’t it? Following the game’s release, Help Force unfurled a Card Jitsu themed server banner, and an event is announced just to celebrate the beloved game’s return. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a Card Jitsu Tournament at the end of every event this week?

Junior Staff Applications Are Open

Do you want to join the HF Junior Staff team? Do you have a crippling case of HF Syndrome? Then this application is for you! If you are interested in becoming a Junior Staff member, please fill out the form by clicking here. Remember to be honest in your application! Be as descriptive as possible to increase your chances of getting accepted.

NervousZippo Was Slapped A Total Of Fifty Times This Week!

It’s true! I actually counted! She was fr slapped like 50 times just this week, this is legendary. Let’s hit a goal of 100+ slaps next week (each slap from a different person of course).

That’s all for this week’s news!


Did you know that the people who donate to the Help Force patreon get a special interview on the website? There are other perks too, including a permanent custom role and exclusive access! You can find out more in the #donations channel in the Help Force Discord server, under the Information category!

Today, we have with us Mr Zamb, one of the most legendary figures of not just Help Force but the entire Club Penguin Army Community, and our latest Donator!

Why did you decide to donate money to the Help Force?

I wish I knew the answer to that.

What’s the thing that you like the most about the Help Force?

Enslavement under Ayan.

Thank you Mr. Zamb!


The Help Force has a dedicated art-memes channel for our creative members to submit their entries, and the best of those get published in the beacon! However, this week, we’re only showcasing the winners of Diwix’s meme contest that was hosted recently. Let’s see who the winners are!







What is the game played during the Overtime?? Day holiday?

Which emote got #1 in the Top Twenty emojis polls conducted recently?

A Second in Command of the Help Force retired recently, who is he?


Can you find the HCOM member Desireus in this event picture from our Fourth Anniversary Celebration?


“If you are playing Card Jitsu, and your deck has all elements available, which element’s card are you most likely to open with?”

DM Scorpion Demon#9455 if you want your question to be featured in the next Beacon!


Know any good jokes? Made some amazing artwork or music or memes recently? Have some thoughts you want to share, want some extra sapphires? Next week, the best submissions will be featured in this part of the Beacon! DM Scorpion Demon#9455 to submit your answers to the Word Search, Hunt the HCOM, Unscramble, Trivia and Question of the Week.

10 Sapphires given per puzzle completed + 20 Sapphires for submitting content:HFSapphire:!

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