HF “13” Nominations Statement

Hello Helpers.

As you may have seen already, the nominations for the HF “13” award were released yesterday. It’s been brought to my attention that there are people who are concerned with the nominations on the list who could potentially win the award. The purpose of this statement is to be transparent and clear up any doubts that people may have about the nominees.

Let me begin by saying that I personally do not spend much time in Help Force. I certainly haven’t over the past year. I collated the list, but didn’t create it. Names were put forward by staff members with the opportunity to object to any names being listed and to suggest their own nominations. The list was then verified by a Leader before being published. Some have been less active than others, some attended fewer events or recruiting sessions. My answer to this is – don’t vote for people that you don’t think deserve to win. This is the whole purpose of the award.

Furthermore, none of the nominations in this session’s list should be classed as ‘invalid’. All staff members active during this time are automatically nominated for the award as an offer of respect and gratitude. Other positions are those aspiring to become a future staff member or loyal members who care for the army. But once again, if you disagree with a nomination, there’s no obligation to vote for them.

Please feel free to message me in the future if you have any questions regarding the Golden Helpers.

Thank you.


HF Stalwart & Trustee

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