Double Trouble

Hiya helpers!! Welcome back to the latest edition of Double Trouble, a series where Dhanush and PinguMaliz interview the besties of Help Force! Today we will interview Annie and Delitager, find out how they got to know each other, and also how well they know each other!

We’ll start off by getting to know them a bit more!

Welcome to ‘Double Trouble’ Annie and Delitager!

Delitager: Hello!! Thank you for having us!

Annie: Hii!!

So how do you guys feel being here together?

Annie: I feel absolutely amazing, being here with Deli

Delitager: I feel shocked, I never thought I would be here, but it’s awesome!

Haha we hunt all the besties in the server >:D So for our first question, how did you guys first meet each other?

Delitager: Well I’m not really sure, but I think it was when I was still new to HF and then suddenly me and Annie started talking and we just came closer and closer to being best friends.

Annie: I met her when I was just hanging out on general chat, but when I talked to her first I already knew she was going to be my bestie, ever since then we have made so many memories together

Delitager: <3

Ooh wow, so what’s the best thing you guys did together?

Delitager: The best thing we did were the VCs we had, we used to always turn on our cameras and talk and make fun of people in general chat while talking in VC

Annie: I totally agree lmao, the best thing we did was the video chats, and prank people if they tried to join


Annie: LMAO YEAH, and Swager too

Delitager: YEA

Annie: I miss those times honestly

Delitager: Me too

Ooh amazing, I did wonder if you guys actually turned on your cams now I know it’s all a prank xD So Annie did you make Deli admin in your server with a free will or was it because of the spam pings? XD

Delitager: waits

Annie: I wanted to make her an admin lmao cuz she was the only person I trusted with that position along with another friend xD AND she’s the only person that is trying to keep my server alive ahah even I don’t try to wake it up

Delitager: I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO PINGS EVERYONE. And then I get shouted at

Annie: Pat pat

Delitager: Life is amazing

Hahah even me being the owner I’m not really active and Deli loves to spam ping so she’s active in there. How often do you guys form chains/or spam your dms?

Delitager: OH we don’t DM each other much but if we did I’d probably spam her DMs all the time

Annie: Yeah lmao, in fact I think she has spammed me one or two times lol

Oh lol, so do you both like E-girls?

Annie: No I don’t think she likes E-girls but I do (Really? I had no absolutely idea about that)

Delitager: I’m not a BIG fan of them but she asks me of E-girl outfits a lot and I just pick the one I like and looks E-girl type

Annie: Yeah I have done that a lot, I force her into liking E-girls

Delitager: Wow

Annie: But it does not work D:

Delitager: 😛

Annie: Smh Deli xD

Haha, so do you guys have any nicknames you call each other?

Delitager: I mostly call her Auntie <3

Annie: I call her “deli ka alligator” lmao she calls me a name I don’t really like but I still let her call me that. YEAH I DON’T LIKE THAT NICKNAME

Delitager: LOL you’re welcome

LOL so before we end, would you guys like to tell anything to the readers?

Delitager: Just wanna say I love Annie even if it doesn’t look like we don’t talk much but I really do, and to the readers you all good luck with your life ahead you’re being loved

Annie: Yes first of all Deli is amazing. Second of all don’t bully her SMH. Third of all get yourself a bestie like Deli shes AMAZING and have a good day/night. And yes ilyt Deli uwu


And on that note, I think it’s best to move on to the second part of this post. That of course is the friendship test! Annie and Deli will answer 6 random questions about themselves. Afterwards, they will be asked the same question, but answer with what they think the other person said. At the end, they will receive a score depending on how well they did. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Hiya Delitager/Annie! Hope you’re doing well 😀 Welcome to Double Trouble’s friendship test!

Delitager: Hi Pingu!

Annie: Helloo!

Soo, first question, apples: green or red? (yes I’m trying to settle something here)

Delitager: Red apples

Annie: Red !!

WRONG ANSWER >:( Anyways, vacation or staycation?

Delitager: Vacation

Annie: Vacation ofc

What’s worse: cleaning, doing dishes, or laundry?

Delitager: Doing dishes

Annie: Doing the dishes

Do you prefer books, movies, or series?

Delitager: Series

Annie: Hmm, I think I prefer books more

What fruit do you like more? Kiwi, watermelon, clementine, or pineapple?

Delitager: Kiwi

Annie: Watermelon

Which Club Penguin Party do you like more? The Fair, Holiday Party, Halloween Party, or the Medieval Party?

Delitager: Halloween Party


Now that we have all of the answers, it’s time to see just how much they know about each other!

Apples: green or red? 

Delitager: Red apples 

Annie: I guess red apples?

Does Annie/Deli prefer vacation or staycation?

Delitager: Vacation

Annie: I think she does prefer staycation (Correct answer: vacation)

What does she think is worse: cleaning, doing dishes, or laundry?

Delitager: Cleaning (Correct answer: dishes)

Annie: Cleaning (Correct answer: dishes)

Does she prefer books, movies, or series?

Delitager: Movies (Correct answer: books)

Annie: She prefers movies ig (Correct answer: series)

What fruit does she like more? Kiwi, watermelon, clementine, or pineapple?

Delitager: Watermelon

Annie: Watermelon (Correct answer: kiwi)

And lastly, which Club Penguin Party does Annie/Deli like more? The Fair, Holiday Party, Halloween Party, or the Medieval Party?

Delitager: Halloween Party

Annie: The Fair I think (Correct answer: Halloween Party)

Okayy, tysm <3 But like fr, green apples ftw

Delitager: Red apples>>>


And that’s all for today! The duo of Annie and Deli managed to get… 41.67 %. It’s not the best score we’ve seen, but it’s also not the worst. Oh wait never mind, it is. Anyways, it’s now time to wrap up this week’s edition of Double Trouble, and I really hope you enjoyed the post! We will be back next week with more exciting interviews! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments, are red or green apples better?

Until we hunt for another pair of besties, signing off for now,

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