Spill The Tea – Sophie

Welcome to Spill The Tea, a column full of jokes, gossip, and entertainment! The first edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Sophie aka cocopoco to the spotlight.

So before we begin with the interview, exactly whom are we interviewing? J.A.R.V.I.S aka Sophie aka cocopoco, is very obviously a person who goes by many names (quite possibly too many names). However, she has definitely built up quite a heavy reputation for herself. She is the newest Recruiting Legend of the Help Force, and she has climbed up to the Junior Staff ranks remarkably fast, considering she joined the army in October.

It was incredibly tough setting an appointment with her, as she was way too busy waddling around the island faster than a pikachu, trying to recruit new penguins. Eventually, I caught up to her and dragged her to the coffee shop for a special Spill The Tea interview!

Hello Sophie! Welcome to Spill the tea, can you introduce yourself?

Hiii Delii , I’m J.A.R.V.I.S., partially sentient AI system of the Help Force.

How are you doing today?

Sniffin’ some of that oxygen- I mean, AWESOME!

There is a reason you are an ‘oxygen simp’. Why did you decide to name yourself after Tony Stark’s AI Jarvis?
Well, at first I didn’t used to talk much in help force, then the marvel takeover happened, I chose to become Jarvis cause it seemed nice then I started talking with people more and kinda got more known as Jarvis than Sophie.

I see. When did you join the Help Force?

Imma be honest, cocopoco is my second account but, I remember that I joined in March or April 2021.

You have been here since quite a lot of time, are there any special memories that you have of the army?

Omg plenty- (it’s mostly my grouping up with people to bully others-) BUT loveliest ones would be concert and marvel takeover (cause as I said that got me to talk with people more)!

I’ve seen you always saying #OnlyBullyMaya! I was there for those takeovers, fun times. How do you get so many recruits while most of the people struggle doing so?

Oh ok so all credit goes to Sam, I would barely get any recruits from CPR servers. He showed me how he recruited from CPR and I took note of them, It’s usually talking about stamps then telling them about Help Force.

Im gonna have to ask him for some tips then! What are the activities that you enjoy outside of the Help Force? 

Again, sniffin’ of some of that- I mean, I like sketching, dancing, music and books

I have seen some of your drawing and you are REALLY great at it! What is your favorite food?

Well, I’ve been cooking pies with marshmallow lately WHICH poofed my head!
Favourite food of all time is always a tricky question DAYUM!

Everyone loves marshmallows! What’s your favorite weather?

Autumn! That perfect mixture of cold winds and sun is LOVE

Do you wanna add anything before we wrap up?

1. You all are freakin’ AWESOME!
2. #OnlyBullyMaya
3. Oxygen for LIFE
Cyaa delii!


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