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Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip, and entertainment! The first edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Scorp to the spotlight.

So, who are we interviewing? The title definitely doesn’t give the name away, its Scorp! He is a staff member of Help Force and he has been here since quite a while now.

Hello Scorp! Welcome to Spill The Tea, can you introduce yourself?

Everyone probably knows me as Scorp or Scorpion Demon, I help two Indians lead an Indian penguin army! I’m currently considered as their High Command, which basically means I have to act high af every time a penguin event is mentioned. Other than that I’m also known as the demon that terrifies those people who don’t react in #events-info 😀
Hahah, well how are you doing today?
That’s a question I never really have an answer to. I’m doing fine I’d say, just the usual day.. getting overworked by college clubs, getting overworked by college professors, getting overworked by Indians leading penguin armies.. yep
A lot of work oof good luck on all that, a normal question, When did you first join Help Force?
It was all the way back in June 2020. At that time, I was in the HCOM ranks of an army called Elites, famously memed as El***s. Under the guidance of Luciferstar, I ended up becoming a top Reporter at CP Army Hub, which was the only army league back then. CPAH was probably the best army league to ever exist. So as a Reporter, you are required to collect news, interviews and facts from almost all of the armies in the league some time or the other. This means you are required to join those army servers. That is why I joined Help Force. Solely to spy on the #announcements channels and have access to the Help Force leaders if I ever needed to interview them/ ask them something about HF for a report.
Interesting, what’s your history in Club Penguin armies?
I joined CPO in April 2020 after I saw a lot of my irl friends getting hyped and posting instagram stories about it. I made a few friends there and logged in almost daily, only to start getting annoyed by “penguin armies” advertising free coins. I ended up joining the Dark Warriors one day, but they said they only do one Ausia event per week. This annoyed me so I left after a while and joined an army called Soccer Players instead. Soccer Players rebranded into Athletes to attract more recruits. Since it was a sm army, they had no active recruits except for me so I was quickly trained by the leader. I became 2ic in the army within 2 weeks, but then CPO shut down. After the CPO shutdown, Athletes merged into the Elites, and I was given the lowest mod rank owing to me being new to CPA. But by recruiting almost 200 people in two months and doing tons of other mod stuff, I ended up becoming a HCOM there. By the time I was 2ic, however, it was September, and Elites lost size due to people returning to school. The army shut down soon.
I knew the people at ACP because they were allies with Elites and because I had worked with Max in CPAH, so I joined ACP. Here, I started learning what it meant to be a true world power army. CSY and Max taught me so much more that I never knew was a part of armies, and I soon realized I still had a lot to learn. But soon even i got busy with college applications and I ended up retiring from ACP. I kept getting involved in armies on a community level via CPAH this entire time, so I also gained tons of experience from there. Later, I joined the Red Ravagers, worked there as a 2ic and basically shadow led alongside the other RR leaders. I used my previous acquaintance with Ayan to push RR to form an alliance with HF, to gain their support while declaring war on SE. That was Silver Rush 1.0, after which I left RR and joined HF as a Colonel. From there, I speed ran all the ranks until I reached General, and now I’m an Admiral.
Long and Interesting journey, how did you and Ayan meet?
So I used to work in CPAL, which was the rival to Ayan’s organization CPAM. That’s how I first heard the name Ayan. And when CPAL and CPAM merged to form CPAH, I saw him around a bit doing admin stuff but I never talked to him. Ultimately, he released a post to the entire community saying that he was retiring from armies to “focus on studies”.
Two months later, Luci told me about this game called AtWar, its basically a war simulation. He told me to start learning how to play it, and then made me join a public game lobby with Ayan himself. I was like wtf this guy left armies to focus on studies and he’s playing an online war simulator 🤣 That’s how we ended up becoming friends though, that’s where I realized Ayan is a God in both AtWar and armies.
A really funny way of how you two met, now do you have any cool memories in Help Force?
Nah it sucks overall
I- What

Jk, ofc there’s a ton of memories, most of them involve mocking staff and juniors like you, proving how everyone is an alt, or proving how everyone in HF except Joe is an Indian (for example wynn can swear in Hindi, snowy is Mexican so that’s basically Indian), getting a 9+ sgpa despite spending entire semesters doing hf work, getting scolded by ru for not being crazy enough, etc etc.

Imagine mocking your junior staff members. I wonder what else I could ask you about, your journey so far has been quite interesting. 

You could ask me about my graphics

OO yes! How did you start designing graphics?

I don’t remember 😀
Literal betrayal smh

Lemme try to remember why I decided to put myself through this painful process.. as far as I can remember, I was just curious as to how Zamb made all those penguins and graphics for the league, so I asked him to teach me, since I didn’t have a good laptop or money back then, he taught me how to design stuff on paint.net, I mostly learned on my own tbh, then CPAH launched its “Underpaid and Overworked” tournament, which was a competition for graphics designers, that’s when I got serious. I was defeated in the very first round owing to my noobiness, but yeah that’s when I got serious.

This is the header I made, pretty bs but hey that was the first header I ever made. While we’re on the subject of graphics, I would like to flex the fact that I’m currently the only partner of The Greatest Shop, which is the HF merchandise store owned by Elp. I also control the food factories of HF in Elp’s absence >:)
If you are controlling the food factories then why are the staff still starving and always so hungry?
This is because even though I have control over the factories, the Commanders Wynn and Snowy have control over me. While I can occasionally sneak stuff like cookies and bananas through, the major part of food supply is controlled by the Commanders.
 Atleast the staff get a little of food, what are the troubles that you face on a daily basis of Help Force?
 I will choose to not answer that question, Wynn and Snowy are two scary women and I don’t wanna get into trouble… wait are you trying to get me into trouble? Are you a spy?
Uh no.. moving on before I get in trouble, off of club penguin armies, what do you like do in your free time?
I don’t really have a lot of free time, due to my career related activities and HF taking up most of my day. I used to play my guitar for around 30 mins to 3 hours per day, but it was recently smashed to pieces by my very gentle mother, so that’s out of the schedule now 😀 Recently, my schedule involves cycling for 30 mins every day. I also like to watch movies or web series, I love reading books and I dabble in birdwatching during my vacations.
I see, a great schedule, I never knew you used to play the guitar, what songs did you used to play?
All kinds of songs. I had my guitar for more than 7 years and I started out playing choir songs in my school (I was in a convent school), then formed a band with my school mates and performed on TV once for an interschool competition. After school ended, we had our own rock band and we performed live in a few local college fests and shows, but I quit soon to focus on college entrance exams.
Ohh interesting, well good luck on studies, I heard you like rock songs, do you have a favourite artist?
I’m a huge fan of AC DC and Guns n Roses, Slash was the guitarist who heavily inspired me.
I’ve never heard of them, I’ll check it out after this, what’s your favourite food?
I have lots of favourites, one of them is Vada pav which is a famous Mumbai street food, then there’s KFC’s popcorn chicken which I absolutely love, Tandoori chicken is another non veg dish that I can’t live without, and I love dark chocolate bars. Another Indian dish that I love is Misal pav.
What an interesting interview! Come back next week for a new guest and even more tea!

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