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Song of the Week #6

Hey hey wonderful people!! I am back, with another fantastic song suggestion from the adorable, Wet Water! She has suggested a rather interesting song, called Honeypie by JAWNY.

This is what she had to say about the song:

It’s a good song in my opinion and I would hear it a lot from my siblings. Very catchy.

Indeed! The song has a very interesting melody and the drums suit the vocals and guitar chords. As consistent as the guitar strumming is, the song is still addicting and hard to forget. The song is about loving a person passionately and wanting their time and affection for as long as possible. It’s a cute song even though its hard to tell from the lyrics. Honeypie was released in 2019 which soon led to his fame in the current times. The chords are repetitive throughout the song but the song is made more catchy because of the way JAWNY decides to sing the lyrics.

So.. Who or what is JAWNY? Well, JAWNY is a stage name, the artist formerly used to go by Johnny Utah. JAWNY is Jacob Lee-Nicholas Sullenger, a 26 year-old born in Fairfield, California. He has a wonderful career in the music industry and mainly makes songs that revolve around the genre of Indie pop. He currently has three albums but his most popular and my favorite one is the one in 2020. There is another song within the album called Trigger of Love which sounds rather intriguing. The album cover was also pretty cool looking at how all the items are placed within the album cover.

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoy the curated playlist like always and tune in for the next one! The song is available on Spotify, Deezer and YouTube. Till next time from Plotter!

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