Unstinked: Jayden Retires From The Help Force

ZIPLINE, Scorpion Demon’s Office – On November 21st, Second in Command Jayden stepped down from his rank in the Help Force. The retirement came after the huge UNWIND Music Festival hosted by the staff members. Read on to find out more about this amazing HCOM member’s HF career and an exclusive interview with the man himself!

Jayden joined the Help Force back in March, 2019. So yeah, he has been in the army for more than two years now! HF was the only army Jayden ever served in. He steadily rose through the ranks over the years and reached his highest rank, Second in Command, in June 2021. But to give you a better idea about his time in the Help Force, I am going to hand the mic over to RU, an AUSIA Admiral who has worked closely with Jayden ever since joining HF.

Okay soo jayden joined somewhere in 2019 and became staff after a year he joined. He became staff along with ved and that time ausia was pretty dead. We didnt have a hold on ausia. And both of them together built it up giving maxes like 20 – 30. Alright, so after that he took hold of blogging in help force and later in CPAHQ too. He was damn friendly in chats and everybody loved the way he talked. He has a complete different personality xD. Well tbh, he will call most of his friends as clown. Later when Ausia was stable and ved went for commander.. Jayden became Ausia head and was handling the Ausia events plannings which used to very systematic. every morning as I remember was a ping xD. “Good morning.. hi who all will be active today? Ausia event todayy. Dib who wants to host segment and who wants to do dms. At what time the segments will be and what time the dms will start” and so on.
HE WAS BLOODY GREAT AT HYPING. Lol I remember when we used to discuss about events xD And he used to come and be like… These 5 are my tactics.. I got dibs on them.. NOBODY STEAL! hahaha and then we used to have arguments to give one of his cool tactics and we all laughed about it.
Later, because of a matter he was demoted to General from being Admiral. He still worked hard and went ahead to be the Ausia Leader. Oh he loved to host Hide n Seek. It was his special in Help Force in 2020.. I always wanted to co host with him when i got staff. Along with, Blogger head in HF, He was also partners with janez in creating Help Force Island. ahhhh I loved HFI ;-; Moving on, when riley was off .. in end of 2020? It was just me and jayden Jayden kept boosting me and guiding me in Handling Ausia at all times. yes vedant was there but being commander he had other things to look at including his important exams. So me and jay kept Ausia alive at all times! Afterwards, there were alot of changes in the army. He gave his best in making this army a better place even everyone teased him for being the stinkiest. He became 2ic. he never had intentions of becoming a commander but Wynn kept on supporting him who was also 2ic. Sadly, university caught on with him and here we are. I feel that the JELLYFISH, even if he retired, stink everybody with love and we won’t forget him for all his contributions

To find out more about his retirement, I decided to interview Jayden himself!

testing mic, cameras rolling, oo there goes stinky lets stop him excuse me, sir, I am from the Help Force special reporters team and I would like to interview you about your recent retirement from the army. Would you happen to be free for an interview rn?

damnnnn we doing retirement interviews in the hf site now :O hot

ig i am yea xD

no ‘we’ are not doing retirement interview, ‘I’ am, cuz I want to. So when did you first join HF, and how were you recruited? Did Ayan lure you into HF by promising you lots of stamps?

Stamps were promised, and the promise was somehow actually fulfilled, but i joined through i believe Juanita’s recruitment segments in March of 2019.

weird, I haven’t received the promised stamps yet

haha sucks to suck

What were your earliest memories of HF, and what was so appealing about it that it made you stay for two fucking years in a Club Penguin Army?

earliest memory i have is joining the bloggers team for HF, the only thing appealing to me was the fact that i could get a new role :skull: what made me stay uhh well honestly no clue LMFAO

What is the biggest life lesson that Help Force has taught you?

dont blatantly trust people

elaborate a bit

no i dont wanna

cmon former web heads answer cant be that bland

smh i literally have no idea how to elaborate well on that i have no energy to think

fine next question, Have you ever ignored college/school for the sake of HF like I am doing right now? Do you regret doing that, if you have?

yes lmao, so many times. Have an exam the next day? screw it, lets attend the EU battle i even ignored my health once for it, was super sick and couldnt stay awake or stare at the screen but i still attended lmfaoooo

I have an exam rn lol zoom going on


ikr What do you feel is your biggest achievement in HF?

getting all the way to 2ic is def my biggest achievement. although i wasnt active throughout a part of it, it certainly was something i never thought i wouldve been able to accomplish

Who were the people who helped you throughout that journey?

Vedant and Nell were the 2 people that made me keep going for it, but honestly you could say the whole staff team as well because i genuinely don’t think i would’ve made it so far without them

Do you think you will ever be able to return to HF as a staff?

yes, i do think i may return, not really soon but eventually yea

What are your favorite memories/stories from HF? Do not say all of it, I will stab you, pick a few and narrate them

i have a lot of fav memories from hf and im not going to pick a few because i cant choose a better one :runnn:

fuck you


anyways interview is over tysm

tenkjo stinky take good care of the site

As the Help Force bids goodbye to one of its oldest staff members, it also brings forth the dawn of a new generation of AUSIA staff. Hopefully, AUSIA will continue to be the pride of our glorious gracious motherland.


Help Force Admiral


Help Force Admiral

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