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Double Trouble

Hiya helpers!! Welcome back to a new edition of Double Trouble, a series where Dhanush and I interview the besties of Help Force! Today we will interview Vedant and Nell, find out how they got to know each other, and also how well they know each other! Buckle up – it’s a long one today 😀

To start things off, let’s learn a bit more about them and their friendship! 

Dhanush: Welcome to the Double Trouble Barnell!!

Nell: Ellooo.

Vedant: Henlo.

Dhanush: How do you guys feel coming here together?

Nell: Well, we’re happy. It’s nice to have a bit of fun after a tiring day.

Vedant: Both are happy and excited for this 😀

Dhanush: Wooo nicee! So for our first question, how did you guys first meet?

Nell: Oh my it seems like so long ago.

Vedant: Fr it was a long time ago lol.

Nell: Well we met in Help Force. When I joined, he was already a moderator. And he was chatty and so nice with everyone. Got my attention. Are you gonna tell the thnaks story LOL.

Vedant: LOL yes shh.

Dhanush: Ooo sounds interesting go on Ved let us know it 😀

Vedant: I’ve known her from the time she joined, just had not talked anything other than asking her if she could come to my stamp segments which were really so fun 😀 There was a particular event or invasion I don’t remember, it was on the 3rd of April last year, where she replied with “thnaks”. That caught my attention and then onwards we just started more (it was all on her old account). I do remember there was a time during the Australian Bush Fires where we along with Choc went and bullied other penguins in the game xD

Nell: Omg. I said ‘thnaks’ because I was just so nervous.

Dhanush: Woahh ngl idk what to say lol. Anyways moving on, what was the first thing that you both got along on which made you guys friends?

Nell: Music. We were listening to songs together aaaaaaallll day. And we kept talking about music, we were making jokes. It feels like a lifetime ago lol. 

Vedant: Yeah I noticed her being alone in the VC listening to music so I joined along. I do remember that we listened to songs for nearly 24 hours without a break lol. It was 5 seconds of summer.

Nell: You know I still have some of the playlists? Lol.

Vedant: Lmao cute.

Dhanush: Oooh sounds so romantic! <3 Talking about music Mell, what is your favourite Indian song to which you vibe to? Same question for you Barney, what is your favourite Romanian song?

Vedant: Oo good one there.

Nell: OGNJKBZND. Well I love that zing song. Whats the name. Zingaat. Dbhjbgkgb.

Vedant: Zingaat ye. My fav to listen to is 3 Inimi.

Nell: 😀

Dhanush: Ooo niceee! Moving on Our audience will like to know why you both most of times have Adam and Behati pfps? Is there something special about them that you adore

Nell: Ved I think they don’t know. He absolutely loves Adam Levine. And Maroon 5. I don’t know how to say this :)))))) Well come on, we’ve been matching since forever, no one noticed? Well let’s just say I have Behati because she’s his wife. 

Vedant: That’s the plain straightforward answer to your question xD And no we’re not real Adam and Behati xD

Dhanush: LOL. Anyways next question, I have heard about your recruiting chronicles… Could you tell us the most amazing one of them?

Nell: I miss cpr recruiting. I had this JelloHF alt, he had the P smth one. 

Vedant: I could dig up some screenshots hold up. Yes it was P5701

Nell: Yes, after that you had unleash help. 

Vedant: Ya. No wait you forgot digzy. 

Nell: Omgg.

Vedant: xD You had Suzy

Nell: YES, too many. So we’d sometimes recruit together, as a pair, and it was pretty funny.

Vedant: RSS IS OP!!!!

Nell: SMBHWRBVHJEBQVHQBEFHJA. Stop saying that sob. Other than that, we had those huge stamp segments, and there were like recruit after recruit joining. It was absolutely hectic

Vedant: She hates the word OP

Nell: SOB

Dhanush: Wow-. Nell what’s the reason behind the “OP” word if u wanna share with us that is. 


Oh god. I hate it so much. There’s just something about it that I hate. My brother uses it too. 

Vedant: I know another word, but if I say that here then I’m as good as a dead man so I’ll stay quiet.

Nell: I hate you

Vedant: You see in here, we used to just gather people around and recruit them once they got stamps. Saying random things like this, which is funny indeed, will gain the penguins’ attention.

Nell: Omg.

Dhanush: Cpr reccing must have been fun. Movin on-. Do you guys have any pacts together other than you both will retire together?

Nell: Uh oh. They discovered our secret. Uhm. 

Dhanush: Something smells sus here and Maya is offline.

Nell: I think that, because we met at considerably low points in our lives, and started being friends and talk so much, we agreed that we will never exit each other’s lives. It means that even if we’re friends or best friends or something more, we’ll never leave each other’s side and always be there for each other. 

Vedant: The only pact I remember is her hitting me with a frying pan once my flight lands. 


Dhanush: Wow <3 Well before we end do u guys want to tell the readers anything?

Vedant: This was when I tried to explain to the guy to look up cphelpforce, but he was struggling so I basically asked him to get a page or a paper to write down cphelpforce, look it up on google and join xD

Nell: LOL. I HAVE THAT TOO. Be kind with one another and be kind to yourselves too <3 And thank you guys for having us here It was really fun to look back at the past 😀

Vedant: Thank you for putting your time to read this and thank you to the people who took this interview And ye it was really fun to reminisce the past stuff <3 Remember, garlic bread is OP !!

Nell: Sob.

Dhanush: Thank you Barnell!!

Aww, lovely interview! It’s now time for the second part, a friendship test to discover how good friends they actually are 😀 The test consists of six randomly selected “what do you prefer”-questions with two, three, four, or zero alternatives. First, they’ll answer the questions with what they prefer, and then they’ll answer again, but with what they believe the other person said! At the end, they will also receive a score depending on how well they did!

PinguMaliz: Hello Vedant! How are you feeling today? 😀

Vedant: I’m okay, had a stressful week with uni which still continues with the weekends

PinguMaliz: Ahhh, I don’t look forward to secondary education :/ Anyways, first question! What do you prefer (for movies)? Fiction or non-fiction?

Vedant: Non-fiction

PinguMaliz: Oo okay! And what would you rather watch? Sunset or sunrise?

Vedant: Sunset tbh

PinguMaliz: Whaaaat, alright.. xD No alternatives now, who’s your favourite Disney character?

Vedant: Hands down, it’s Donald Duck xD

PinguMaliz: Ooo I love Donald Duck as well 😀 We have like a whole bookshelf of the series XD Now, what do you prefer? Lol, lmao, or XD?

Vedant: Jesus okay I’ve been told I use Lol a lot but I prefer xD If you noticed, all the HF staff have the xD syndrome. Ayan infected us when he joined in winter last year, that’s been carried to all of us now. There’s no staff who don’t use “xD”

PinguMaliz: Oh wow… Now that I think about it… XD Well, new question, what superpower would you rather have? Invisibility/being able to fly/time travel/weather control

Vedant: I’d choose time travel over all of them.

PinguMaliz: Oo interesting! I’d like to have snow all year round 😀 Anyways, last question about you now! What’s your favourite season? Winter/summer/spring/autumn. Or well I assume you already know the seasons so maybe I didn’t have to write them all lol

Vedant: Winter though I haven’t seen snow lol

PinguMaliz: Omg. That’s. Awful. 

Vedant: Very. Awful.

PinguMaliz: Snow is AMAZING!

So after this, I kind of drifted away from the interview a little bit. But the good thing is that that was the last question before the second set of questions, so let’s take a look at Nell’s answers!

PinguMaliz: Hii Nell! How are you feeling today?

Nell: Ello! I’m doing alright, thanks 😀 Kinda tired. And you?

PinguMaliz: I’m doing good! I’m also quite tired but I’ll go off to sleep soon 😀 So! First question! What do you prefer? Fiction or non-fiction (for movies)?

Nell: Probably fiction

PinguMaliz: Ayy me too! Now, what would you rather watch? Sunset or sunrise?

Nell: Sunset, I wouldn’t get up that early :)))

PinguMaliz: Hahahah yeah alr, I usually just stay up lol. So no alternatives this time, who’s your favourite Disney character?

Nell: I used to watch many Disney movies when I was younger but I kinda drifted away from them. I have no idea which character I love the most, maybe Ariel or Duchess from The Aristocats. Even Minnie Mouse was amazing I can’t choose. 

PinguMaliz: Hahah yeah it’s hard, but that’s an okay answer XD Now, what do you prefer, Lol, lmao, or XD?

Nell: Man, you ask some tough questions

PinguMaliz: Hahahah yeah they don’t get any easier from now on XD

Nell: That’s reassuring 😐 I mostly use Lol or xD. It’s a tie.

PinguMaliz: Yeah it’s the same for me, but just pick one of them please :))

Nell: Hmm, probably ‘Lol’. 

PinguMaliz: Alr! Great, so, new question, what superpower would you rather have? Invisibility/being able to fly/time travel/weather control. 

Nell: Being able to fly for sure. I’d travel wherever I wanted. 

PinguMaliz: Interesting!! That would be amazing, last question now! What’s your favourite season? Winter/summer/spring/autumn. Or well I assume you already know the seasons so maybe I didn’t have to write them all lol. 

Nell: Spring! 😀 Lmao yes. I love spring, it’s not too hot or too cold. It’s perfect, and the flowers omg 😀 I just love it. 

PinguMaliz: Yeah it’s nice hahah. 

Now that we have all the answers, their knowledge about each other is finally put to test!

PinguMaliz: So anywaysss, What do you think Nell prefers, fiction or non-fiction?

Vedant: Non-fiction. Correct answer: fiction

PinguMaliz: Alrrr, what would Nell rather watch you think? Sunset, or sunrise

Vedant: Soooo we all know Nell doesn’t sleep, so it’s impossible to conclude that Nell would watch sunrise because she won’t even wake up for it. So it’ll be sunset. Correct answer: sunset

PinguMaliz: Hahahah yeah that’s one of the first things an HF troop would find out tbh, now who’s Nell’s favourite Disney character? Ariel, Tinkerbell, or Elsa?

Vedant: Ariel. Correct answer: Ariel

PinguMaliz: Okayy! What superpower do you think Nell would rather have? Invisibility/being able to fly/time travel/weather control.

Vedant: Invisibility. Correct answer: being able to fly

PinguMaliz: Alright, well we’ll see 🙂 Now it’s time for the last question! What’s her favourite season?

Vedant: Spring. Correct answer: spring

PinguMaliz: Oo nice, now, that’s it for this interview! Thank you so much for your time! It’s been nice talking to you <3 

Vedant: Ty for putting your time into this!

PinguMaliz: No I forgot a question nvmmmm. What do you think Nell prefers? Lol, lmao, or XD?

Vedant: Perhaps xD Correct answer: I mean Nell did say it’s a tie between lol and xD so I’ll count it 😀

PinguMaliz: Alr, NOW, that’s the end of the interview! Thanks again 😀

Vedant: Thank you <3

Time to check out the very last interview section, what Nell said Ved answered!

PinguMaliz: So, what do you think Ved prefers, fiction or non-fiction?

Nell: I think he likes fiction more. I’m gonna fail this arent I. Correct answer: non-fiction

PinguMaliz: I mean maybe xD What do you think he’d rather watch? Sunset/sunrise.

Nell: Oh man, uhm, I think he would rather watch the sunset with me :D. Hopefully lol. Correct answer: sunset

PinguMaliz: Aww well I know what he answered 🙂 So what does he prefer? Lol, lmao, or XD?

Nell: Probably ‘XD’ Correct answer: XD

PinguMaliz: Alrr! Now, what’s his favourite Disney character? Jiminy Cricket, Donald Duck, or Pluto? Oh god they are all Mickey Mouse related I didn’t realise lol.

Nell: Lmao. I think Donald Duck. He kinda reminds me of Donald tho lol. Correct answer: Donald Duck

PinguMaliz: XD Is that a good thing?

Nell: I guess :)))))))))))))))

PinguMaliz: Okayy.. What superpower do you think Ved would rather have? Invisibility/being able to fly/time travel/weather control.

Nell: Oh god. Invisibility? Probably? I don’t think he’d choose weather control or time travel so it’s between invisibility and being able to fly. I want to say being able to fly cause he would come to me <3 but what if it’s invisibility ugh. I’ll say invisibility. That’s my overthinking of god. Correct answer: time travel

PinguMaliz. Wow if I got this question I would like toss a coin lol, anywayss, last question now! What’s his favourite season?

Nell: I know he would love to see snow in winter because it never snows there. Correct answer: winter

PinguMaliz: Omg I can’t imagine a life without snow, it’s literally the best. Although it doesn’t snow as much as it used to where I live :/

Nell: Awh. Global warming >:( Same here.

PinguMaliz: Yeah, although I’m moving up north as soon as I can lol. So that’s the end of the interview! Thank you so much for your time <3 Have a great evening!

Nell: <3 Ty Pingu

If you managed to make it through all of this – I hope it was worth it and you’re my fav <3 We’ve now almost reached the end and it’s time for Barnell to get their scoring, they got… 67 %!! You definitely didn’t fail guys 😀 And with that being said, it’s time to wrap up this week’s edition of Double Trouble. We will be back the next week with more exciting interviews! Hope you enjoyed the post!

Until we hunt for another pair of besties, singing off for now!

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  1. Lovely interview thank you PinguMaliz & Dhanush.
    i didn’t know you started talking bc of music that is so cool ngl
    BarNell ForEver <3 Flower Girl 😀 and 'op' nell really!!! hahaha

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