Song of the week #4



Hey there! It’s me Plotter, back with another song from another wonderful person. It’s Dandelions by Ruth B. and the song was suggested by Ally the adorable seal lover!!

This is what she had to say about the song:

It’s just my type of music (slow and kind of sad), and I just got addicted to it

It’s a wonderful song and indeed very emotional. The lyrics are beautiful and I personally enjoy the part where she says, “Wishing on dandelions all of the time”. It reminds me of the times when people make a wish and blow on a dandelion. I love seeing all the seeds get dispersed.. sets up a good atmosphere for photo-taking too. The whole song is mainly how she wishes that a person would be her partner. The little tune at the start also sets the mood just before the lyrics start coming in.

Ruth B. first became famous when she used to post Vine videos since May 2013. Her name is Ruth Berhe but uses Ruth B. as a stage name. A lot of people used to enjoy her Vine videos where she used to sing and that is how she progressed in to her career. It’s certainly an interesting way to start a singing career in my opinion… and it’s been going really well for her too! She is a Canadian singer and songwriter. The genres she usually works around are Hip hop/Rap and Indie/Alternative. Her debut album was released on 2017 and Dandelions is a part of the superb album! She has 4 albums and they’re all filled with songs I would love to hear more often. Her lastest album was released this year!

The song Dandelions can be found on Deezer, Youtube and Spotify. As always, here is a playlist to accompany the suggestion. Hope you enjoyed this weeks post and see you next time!


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