[AUSIA] Flower Headdress Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today the AUSIA Division did a Flower Headdress Takeover on CPRewritten. The event included the rooms Town, Beach and Cove led by Jayden, Riley and Stemv. We used many flower inspired tactics, great formations, and a variety of bombs.

Max: 45+

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40 Responses

  1. I came!

  2. I came as ArcticBlue2 (Planet’s alt)


  3. It was beautiful

  4. Ausia Force Best Force!!

  5. Cpr- kishaleee
    Discord- Kiah (sloth gang)
    I attended thank you so much for hosting was amazingggg ❤️

  6. I came!! Tyy for hosting!! HFBF!!

  7. I was there as Jc101

  8. Planet was there!! THANK YOU!

  9. TY FOR HOSTING! – I came

  10. Awesome event! Thanks for hosting!🌸🌼

  11. CPR: SevdalizaRu
    Discord: Ru
    It was beautiful guys..Thank you for hosting ^_^

  12. I attended!

  13. i came -pinktheking1

  14. i attended

  15. Attended^^

    – Azalea

  16. I cameee!

  17. I attended! Ty for hosting
    alt- Morpork Vimes
    Dis- Urkugs

  18. Thanks for hostinggg!🌺

  19. i Attended, Discord Name is Anish Sangpa

  20. I attended!

  21. i attended! ty for hosting!
    discord: alex1904
    cpr(alt): alex190702

  22. I attended. TY for hosting.

  23. Done!
    SnowBoy1 discord
    SnowBoy0128 CPR

  24. I was there!💙
    -Cpr: (Thor13579246)

  25. Alaia84#8082

  26. Attended!Tysm for hosting!!! – Sods

  27. Really great eventtt and im so proud of the amazing leaders.! great jobbbbb.!;)<3

  28. I attended

  29. Discord name – Applefizz123
    Cpr name- Applefizz12
    it was wonderful ty for hosting!!!!!

  30. Flower Girl did Love The Flower Event 😀 , Thank You for Hosting Snowflake-Soft.

  31. discord: ajn_101
    cpr: ajn101
    I came. Thanks for hosting!!

  32. i attended

  33. Discord – Joonieee7
    CPR – MrBaby19
    Hi! I attended 1st and 2nd round in 3rd round i had a powercut.

  34. Discord: Sam Chilles
    CPR: Fred Chilles
    I attended. Flower Power!!

  35. i came

  36. I attended, thanks for hosting!!!! It was a.great event!!!

  37. i was there, discord- Anish Sangpa, penguin name-GOJIRAMOSURA

  38. I attended, sorry for late comment Discord- perry

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