[AUSIA] Cow Takeover

Hola Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for our Cow Takeover! This event included the rooms Town, Snow Forts and Stadium lead by Riley and Barney! We did amazing formations and cow related tactics and a variety of bombs as well!

Max: 28+

Unleash The Power Of Helping!

18 Responses

  1. I came as ArcticBlue2. Ykw my HFI user is Barney or whoever reading this. Don’t mean to creepy you out btw

  2. I was there, ty for hosting
    HFI user: Jcn101

  3. Cow Mooo , I Attend Barnito

  4. It was amoozing
    HFI – Plum

  5. heyyy i was there in the event it was amezing!!

  6. Hey There I attended , HFI user : Nafis

  7. It was moosome!!

  8. HFI: Itzzzadara

  9. Ausia Force Best Force!
    HFI Username- Slush

  10. I came tysmm! Hfi – Xtra

  11. I was there, Thanks for hosting!!

  12. HFI – Joonieee7

  13. Woohhhoooo lets go MOOOOO!!
    Thankk you for hostingg♥️
    CPR: SevdalizaRu

  14. I was there!!

  15. I was there!

  16. Thank You for Hosting, Snowflake❄

  17. […] Cows Cows! Today was our amazing AUSIA Cow Takeover hosted by our amazing leader and marshal Barney and Kara… with a max of 28+! As always […]

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