[AUSIA] Blue Mermaid Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for Blue Mermaid Takeover! This event included the rooms Town, Stadium and Iceberg led by Barney and Riley. We had many mermaid and sea related tactics, variety of formations, and many bombs.

Max: 48+

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31 Responses

  1. I attended Thanks for hosting was amazing
    CPR kishaleee
    Discord – Kiah

  2. Thanks for hosting! Ausia Force Best Force!
    CPR: ItzzzRain

  3. Attended^^

  4. All the mermaids look soo prettyyy!! thankk you for hosting <3
    Cpr: SevdalizaRu
    Dis: Ru

  5. I attended! Thanks for hosting!

  6. Planet was there!

  7. Thank YOU for Hosting, Snowflake❄Soft is ready for promo ping 😀

  8. I attended ty for hosting it was awesome!

  9. I came tyy – HFBF2

  10. Awesome event! Ty for hosting! HFBF!
    CPR: Thor02468135

  11. I was there as Jc101

  12. i attended! ty for hosting!
    discord: alex1904
    cpr: alex190702

  13. It was beautiful

  14. I attended!!

  15. I attended! Thank you for hosting!
    CPR: yukisan08
    Discord: ms.sushi

  16. CPR: Venys2000
    Discord: Venkids
    I attended this event!

  17. i attended!

  18. I came! My discord and penguin are both BTS21

  19. i attended!
    cpr: fronkezz

  20. Attended! Tysm for hosting !! Discord – sods | kiah’s other half

  21. This event shore was great. So happy I could attend
    I was on a new alt btw: Crispy chikn

  22. Discord name Applefizz
    Cpr name- Applefizz123
    i attended the whole event thx for hostingg!!

  23. Discord name: Galacob
    CPR name: Galacob

    Attended my first even ever since I joined. It was absolutely fun!

  24. I attended too! Penguin name was GojiraMosura and Discord name is Anish Sangpa

  25. CPR – MrBaby19
    Discord – Joonieee7
    Hi! I attended the event!

  26. I attended. Thank you for hosting this event!
    Discord: stixalli
    CPR: P7292047
    (I tried to change my username, but CPR hasn’t replied yet oop-)

  27. I attended! tysm for hosting :)))
    discord: thetical#5252
    cpr: Thetical

  28. Amazing event! Ausia force best force!!

  29. CPR: ajn101
    I attended

  30. I was there!!!
    Discord: Sprince17

  31. I was there
    CPR: Shreeya13
    Discord: Shreeya13

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