[EU] Coffee Takeover

Hello, people! Today we logged on Club Penguin Rewritten for a brewtiful Coffee Takeover! The event included various rooms, such as the Town, Coffee Shop and Plaza. We had a great time while doing tactics and formations. Thank you to Holly, Rooboo and Janez for leading! Nice job, Helpers!


Comment below for points!



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19 Responses

  1. I attended! Thank you for hosting!!!

  2. I attended, ty for hosting!
    Dis- Urkugs
    CPR- Ironfounder

  3. i attended thanks for hosting

  4. I attended!
    CPR: Rosethe1st
    Discord: Mayathefirst#7505

  5. I attended!!Ty for hosting!!

  6. Tysm for hosting!!!! It was a fun event!!!

  7. I was there for the last 5 minutes if that counts as Jc101

  8. Attended. Thanks for hosting! -chillycat

  9. Attended (CPR – Rowanie)

  10. i attended as BasilPotter


  12. I came :p

  13. CPR: Emma Ru
    Discord: Ru#8072
    Thankk you for hosting guys <3

  14. I attended. Ty for hosting

  15. I attended. Thanks for hosting
    CPR: Fred Chilles
    Discord: Sam Chilles

  16. Thank YOU for Hosting, the ping for points this time lol Snowflake-Soft.

  17. I Came as GOTW AOAO

  18. I attended! Thank you for hosting!
    Penguin name – chocolate35
    Discord – Disha#2388

  19. I attended under SpariaTV but I was like five minutes late

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