How Would You Help?

Welcome to “How Would You Help?” A series brought to you by your favorite writer, Jayden! This series takes you on a drive through the eyes of the Staff team and what they would do in a sticky situation. Be it Discord, HFIsland, or CPRewritten recruiting, with the help of our amazing helpers, we will ask 3 staff members at a time, on how would they help resolve a situation! Feel free to reply with how you would help in the comment section below for a chance to be featured in the next post!

Today, we decided to ask 3 Marshal’s from 3 Timezones, Kara, Nelly and Kendall

A helper has been continuously annoying staff, practically all throughout the day for 2 days about questions on how HF works. How would you go about it and why?

Our first person is our US Marshal, Kendall

I would answer their questions throughly and made sure they understand and of course ask if they have any other follow up ones in mind. I, myself personally wouldn’t get annoyed by them asking because there’s always things that might not make sense for some people.

If it gets to low point I’ll just led them to DMs or the help desk channel.

The next person we asked is our AUSIA Marshal, Kara/Riley.

i would ask the person to come to my DMs to discuss things as well as refer to them to the website if it seems like they are doing it to troll i do a warning both in general chat and DMs then if continued a mute

Finally, we asked our wonderful EU Marshal, Nelly.

A curious helper isn’t annoying. It’s exciting to see someone who’s interested in how the army and the server work. At first, I’d show them our #about and #faq channels. Most of the important stuff is there.

If they still aren’t satisfied, for further questions, I would lead them to our help-desk. It’s more organized this way and others could learn from that information as well.

I would also do a little background check on them just to see if they are in any other armies and if they are as interested in those as they are in Help Force.

Last week, we asked a question related to recruiting, and we got an answer from the wonderful Joonie

So, I have heard first-time bout this kinda thing, So first I would definitely try to find about the persons, Things like this happen usually everywhere so everyone needs to be alert all the time. After I would have found out who that person is then I would inform the commander or the chief about everything that I find out.

So that’s all for today! We hope that this post gave you a better understanding of multiple situations you may face!

Comment down below on what you would do to help to get a chance to be featured next week! Make sure you drop in your own situation!

Unleash the Power of Helping!

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