[AUSIA] Mummy Takeover

Hello, dear Helpers! Today we logged on Club Penguin Rewritten for a fun Mummy Takeover. Riley and Holly were the ones leading this event and we did various formations and tactics at Town, Docks and Stadium. We had a great time! Nice job, everyone!


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23 Responses

  1. i came..

  2. attended

  3. Tyyy for hosting!!!

  4. I attended! Tyy

  5. I was there as JC101

  6. Attended, ty for hosting!

  7. i attented . tyy for hostingg

  8. Attended (CPR Rowanie)

  9. I was there! Thanks for hostinggg!

  10. CPR= ajn_101
    I came

  11. I attended

  12. I was there!

  13. Help Force Best Force!

  14. Cpr: Sevdaliza Ru
    Discord: Ru#8072

  15. I attended! Thank you for hosting!!
    Penguin name – plate123 (alt acc)
    Discord – Disha#2388

  16. TY all for coming you truly did amazing and HUGE thankyou for holly for leading today!!

  17. I attend Hi!
    Discord – Joonieee7
    CPR – MrBaby19

  18. i attended! ty for hosting!
    discord: alex1904
    cpr(alt): alex190702

  19. Diwix also attended! He was there as SpottyGOTW
    Great event!
    Help Force Best Force! <3

  20. It was really amazinggg im so proud of uuu.! Thank you everyone ur all so amazinggg and thank you Kara and Holly for hostingggggg.!;)<3

  21. Thank YOU for Hosting, it was really Fun. Snowflake-Soft 😀

  22. i also came there demon007

  23. I came, but it will be hard to find me: P6947092. CP can be dumb sometimes

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