Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Life Jacket Takeover. The rooms we used were Town, Beach, and Cove led by Monika, Kendall, and Taylor. This event included many inspired tactics, various bombs, and formations.

Max: 41+

Comment below for a Promotion if you attended!

Thanks for attending today, hope to see you at more events.
Keep Unleashing The Power of Helping!

16 Responses

  1. I atended this and it was amazing! I had a ton of fun, I´ll attend future events for sure 🙂

  2. ChefMeggo- I attended (: Thank You for Hosting!!

  3. hi i am aaron and i attended the US event

  4. I attended :p

  5. i attended!:)

  6. I attended!

  7. Thank YOU for Hosting, Snowflake-Soft.

  8. I attended

  9. I only came for 5 minutes before my phone died :/

  10. I attended, thanks for hosting!!! It was a great event despite the muting complications. Thanks for hosting!!

  11. I attended! Thank you again for hosting!!

  12. I attended

  13. I attended!

  14. i attended!!

  15. i attended !!

  16. I attended!

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