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Legends Cup Round 2

Evening Helpers.

This post will be short and simple, a notice that one of the most important battles of 2020 is upon us on Monday. Our second round battle in the Legends Cup against Royals of CP!

Remember that trophy? Well, I don’t expect all of you to. We won this back in late August of 2019, one of the finest achievements in Help Force’s 27 month history. A victory against the accomplished and brutal Pirates of CP, after recruiting heavily for days prior to the Final Battle. A lot has changed since then, including the departure of 8 different leaders. We left the CPPS we won this trophy on, and since then life has never quite been the same.

It’s fair to say that winning this tournament would make that army the most successful of all time since the demise of Disney’s Club Penguin armies. We are currently 7th in the army rankings, and of course that doesn’t make us the favorites to win, it makes us Underdogs. There’s a reason that Generation V was first named “the Underdogs.” It’s time for the underdogs sprung a real surprise and show the rest of the army community that Help Force is still an army to be reckoned with.

Who are Royals?

Those who were part of Help Force during the days of CPO will remember Royals of CP to be a close ally of ours alongside Aliens. They first allied with us in June 2019 and after the Helper Exodus, they didn’t follow us out of CPO. Instead of their well-known catchphrase “Loyal to the Royals” they practically turned it into “Loyal to CPO.” Not that there was anything we could do about this, it meant that both armies were hurt max-wise and the alliance of the NAA was broken completely.

For those members of Help Force that didn’t want to leave CPO, they joined allies of ours like Royals, which can and is considered “Troop Stealing.” Royal’s cowardice to stand up to CPO Admins suppressing their movement is why they haven’t grown considerably since Help Force left CPO. It’s time for them to learn that to be a successful army, you have to think like a successful army.

This image was taken roughly 2 weeks ago. Arguably Royals’s best event since their departure from CPO. Since this they haven’t quite kept the numbers up and have been floating around the high teens/low 20s for their max. Their event against Vikings in Round 1 was enough to see them through to round 2, and now that they’re here, it’s unclear which Royals will turn up on Monday. Royals have never beaten Help Force in any sort of event in their history, and this will never change.

(Royals in their First Round victory against Vikings, maxing roughly 20 here.)



Help Force vs. Royal Family

Monday, June 8th

Start Times: 8pm BST – 3pm EST – 12pm PST

Server: TBA

Room: Ice Rink (Stadium)


“Let’s bring this home and end their reign at the throne. It’s time to remind Royals who their big brother is.”

~Tistle, HF Commander


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