Inside Out

Hey there Helpers! It’s time to get back inside the secrets of The Help Force. In this post, I’ll be bringing you news from deep within HF’s Staff.

Disclaimer: This post is rated PG – 13 due to swearing, sexual references, and adult humor used in the jokes. If you are not of that age category or maturity level, I would advise you to refrain from reading this post.

Sleeping Around

As you all may know, the Help Force staff tend to get in and out of relationships very quickly. It seems to me that most of the staff have been in numerous relationships with each other. For example, Moon and Lottie, Moon and Juanita, Moon and Ayan ?? (unconfirmed, but there was lots of chemistry), Moon and Jayden, etc. I think you all understand what I’m getting into. 

Keeping up with the Kardashian

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, our resident Kardashian, Kendall has been getting it on with many people. Her passion started with Azalea, a well known member of HF. Together, they made lots of love. Unfortunately, Kendall got too tired of working with scissors, and moved on to make music with our resident tuba player, Tistle. They’ve been happily married ever since, and even had a child! After many attempts. 😉

Jayden’s Hoes

Jayden is known for his search for all the hoes. He became a moderator in February and jumped into Moon! They got married but shortly after their wedding, Moon left him for Juanita. Devastated, Jayden rebounded to a new girl. To save Jayden, I took charge and lifted his cough cough “heart.” Sadly for Jayden, I broke up with him as soon as I finished making my current wife (Hannah) jealous. Now, Jayden’s idea of getting laid is laying in his bed and waiting till lay becomes past tense.

That’s all we have for Inside Out today, folks! I’ll be writing funny posts like this more often, so make sure to comment or DM me with ideas! Comment other couples you want to investigate from the Inside Out

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