Help Force Battle Techniques

Hey Helpers! When in battle there are a few techniques that are used to create a strong defense. In the Help Force, the main techniques we use include Waterfall, Tornado, Explosion, and Bomb. To break it down this is what each technique means:

  • Waterfall: Run up and down whilst repeating a tactic.
  • Tornado: Run clockwise (in circles) whilst repeating a tactic.
  • Explosion: Run around the room from one area, whether it’s piling up in the corner or gathering in the bleachers, whilst repeating a tactic.
  • Bomb: Run around the room whilst repeating a tactic, most commonly used when Joke Bombing. Remember to press J once.

Attached is a video demonstrating these techniques. including homework, silentmoon5, and tsanami. 

As for emote tactics, these are the keyboard shortcuts for each emote. The main emotes we use in battle are E2, E5, E6, E7, E8, E9, EP, EH and ET. Remember to press on your keyboard first before pressing a number.

Image result for club penguin emotes list

That is all for now. Thank you for reading helpers!

Until next time! Skeleton Lad

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