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Shad’s Office-Greetings to all readers! I, The One and Only Shad, have decided to make a random post! This post will contain a random video, one of my iconic stories, some tips since I haven’t posted any in awhile, and a random song of my choosing. I hope you all enjoy this random(and rare) post of mine! Enjoy!

Random Video

My Random Adventure

Advisory:Mature Language Possible

“What the hell?!” Spotty said shouting at me as I accidentally spilled koolaid on her. “Oops” I said laughing. “Nice Job Shad.” Said Flypin annoyed. “I will clean it up!” I said as I grabbed some paper towels. I hand some over to Spotty so she can clean herself off. I wipe the table off and throw them away. “So what are we all doing today Shad?” Asked Fly. “Well, I figured we could all invade Ayan’s secret underground lair!” I said jokingly. “However, we could go hike the great mountain and visit the dojo.” “Ooo that sounds fun!” Said Fly. “I’m down for that.” Spotty said. “Actually, I got a better Idea. I found this trail that leads to the old remains of old military bases. I heard that the old Army Republic base is haunted!” I said all excited. “That sounds even more amazing!” Said Flypin jumping up and down. “Let’s do it!” Spotty said. “Can I join?!” Asked Lottie scaring me. “What the?!” I shouted. “Don’t creep up on me like that!” I said as everyone else laughed. “Alright then, let’s all go!”

“A crow screeches as the moons comes up amd it is night time” “This is really eerie” says Flypin. “Well, that’s the point of this walk!” I responded. “I wonder where the first base is?” Asked Spotty concerned. “It’s right up here actually!” I responded pointing up ahead to the right. We walk up to it and notice a sign. “Roman’s of Club Penguin” “Now that is a throwback.” I said an awe. “I was a 2nd in Command of this army back in the day. Some fun times.” “Let’s go check it out!” Lottie said excited. We all walk up to the first building and I open the door. Everything is all in ruins and torn up. Cobwebs in the corners of the rooms and dark all around. I turn on my flashlight and look around. Flypin pulls out her flashlight and goes upstairs. Lottie follows Flypin up the stairs as Spotty follows me. I walk around and see a door on the right. I open it up and it leads down to the basement area. We walk down and see some boxes and crates. “Let’s open them up and see what’s inside” I say picking one up and setting it up on a work bench. I open it up and see documents and paperwork. “Look at this!” Spotty says excitingly. “It’s an old Roman’s helmet!” “That’s pretty cool!” I say. “Well let’s move on.”

“Oof!” Flypin says tripping over a piece of board sticking up from the floor. Lottie giggles as she steps over it. “Shut up!” Flypin says jokingly. Fly opens up a door on the right. “I think this was one of the commanders offices.” She says as she enters the room. “Oh look at their flag! So retro!” She says. Lottie opens the drawers on the desk and isn’t able to find anything. Fly walks out and walks down the hallway while Lottie follows. Lottie stops. “I wonder what this button does.” Lottie says as she finds a button on the side. She pushes the button and a hidden door opens up. “Woah…it’s their old briefing room.” She says as she walks in. Fly runs back and walks in. “This is cool!” Fly says in awe. Fly open up some drawers. “Check this out.” Fly pulls out a map and lays it on the center table. Romans vs Army of Club Penguin 2006. “Woah, this is so cool. It shows their strategies in the snowforts and everything!” Fly says excitingly. “Created by Explorer777.” Lottie spotted in the corner. Flypin rolls it back up and puts it back. They look around some more and leave. They check out more rooms and Fly gets excited about random artifacts from the Roman empire. They eventually go back downstairs and meets back up with Spotty and myself. “Let’s move onto the next base.” I say. So we exit the base and move. We walk down for awhile and Flypin notices something. “Why is there buildings in the water??” Flypin asks. I look and take out my goggles. “It’s the Legendary Water Vikings base.” I say.Β 

The End of Chapter 1

Random Tips

So I like to give out some tips to all new recruits a lot. I use to write tips in my posts when I first created the Help Force Beacon. Since I haven’t done any recently I thought I would go right ahead. This one will be about Leadership.

What makes a good leader? Is it telling you what to do and where to go? Is it demanding you to do something and excluding them from something? Or is it getting to know your Troops and setting the example? Well I will explain all that in this section.

Leadership is defined by who you are as a person. Only you can choose how to be a leader. I can make this whole post about that, but only you can choose what kind of leader you will be. Most people look up to someone amd base their leadership style off of that person and that is exactly what I would suggest. Take 2 of your favorite leaders and mix their styles up and create your own style. However, there is a bad leadership style and a non-likeable leadership style. Personally, I would rather be loved and looked up to rather than hated. If you are a leader that is hated and feared by everyone, you won’t be as successful as a person later on in life. I like to set the example when I lead. As a Leader I don’t like to just lead, but also teach. I like to help everyone out and teach you all about many things in life. Because that is what you basically are as a Leader is a teacher as well.

So with that said let’s get more into it. What is Leadership?

Personally I like to take the definition of leadership from the Marine Corps definition rather than the Webster definition, but I will use both to go in deep with it.

Marine Corps Definition

Leadership: the sum of those qualities of intellect, human understanding and moral character that enable a person to inspire and to control a group of people successfully.

Webster Definition

Leadership: the act of leading a group or organization

Now you see the difference right? I always follow that first definition as it goes more deep into the definition. Because anybody can shout and try to lead a group, but it takes a true leader to inspire that group to do their best and teach them how to do those tasks.

Well that is all for this tip. I will have more another day. If enough people do AddMoreTips on discord I will make more posts with just tips while going more in depth with each one!

You cannot lead by memo, you cannot lead by shouting, you cannot lead by delegation of your responsibility – you must lead by example.”

Β -General CharlesΒ Krulak

Random Song


All in all I am glad that I am writing this as I love to write. Might not be my best post, but I had fun writing this. If anybody has suggestions on what I could write about or subjects to add to my post please comment below to let me know and I will add more or make a post about it.

“So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness” -Sidney Poitier

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