Week Reflection

Week in Review 

[ 23/02 – 29/02 ]

Hey there Helpers, This is the first edition of the Week Reflection. It’s out a bit late, but from now on it will be posted every Saturday! In this post, we’ll be seeing the vital details of the Events which happened this week, Who all led them, Etc. Average calculations for Divisions are stated in the beginning, It will help us as well as the community to analyze the progress HF has been making.

This week has been a great week! We’ve been maxing decently, and the Force has been more active than its been in a long while. The point of this reflection is to look over our maxes, and how we’ve improved from the previous week.


Help Force Insight!- The New Era of Leadership!

Hey there guys! As you can see the Insight is back…Yes, we know its been almost a year, but hey, all that matters is that we are back! There has been a lot that has happened with the Help Force over this past week and we are going to get you up to speed!

Well, 2 weeks ago on 27th Jan, 2020 an announcement was published by our founder, Ayan.