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The HF Beacon

ZIPLINE, Editor’s Table — Welcome back, Helpers, to the newest edition of The Help Force Beacon. After an exciting week of events, we bring to you HF’s weekly dose of entertainment!

Table of Contents

HF News

Gamer of the Week

Original Stories

Game Corner

Art Section

Person of the Week

Weekly Promotions

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Question of the Week

HF News

  • Battles! This week we had a practice battle with our lovely allies ACP again! Thanks for joining us in this training
  • Legends Cup! One of the biggest tournaments of the year has arrived with it’s 13th edition! Helpers this is your call to become alive and help us win this tournament!! HFBF

Gamer of The Week

This week Mortalidade won the prestigious award of Gamer of The Week. The HF Beacon team reached out to them for comment on their awards:

I came for the cookies, stayed for the fun

Thank you for your words Mortalidade!

Helpers Book Club

Nothing without an amazing story section. Make sure to read this engrossing corner of the HF Beacon, and let us know if you want to write stories in the upcoming editions!

The Mystery of the Disappearing Cookies Part III

— Mantiuxx

With the cookie mystery solved, the neighbors decided to turn the situation into a hilarious community event. They organized a “Great Cookie Exchange” where everyone contributed their favorite cookie recipes.

The day of the event arrived, and the neighborhood was filled with laughter and mouthwatering aromas. Mrs. Henderson’s kitchen became a hub of activity as people shared stories, exchanged recipes, and devoured an abundance of cookies.

As they savored each other’s creations, the neighbors couldn’t help but marvel at the randomness of the cookie caper. It had brought them together, turning a puzzling situation into a shared memory that would be remembered and laughed about for years to come.

And so, the mystery of the disappearing cookies ended with a delightful twist, leaving everyone with a renewed sense of community and an appreciation for the joy that can be found in the simplest of treats.

Game Corner

This section features a new puzzle every week for you to play. You can send your completed puzzle to mantiuxx#0002 in dms!

Scavanger Hunt

.Find the room of the picture below. (Submit the room name with a screenshot)

Art And Memes Corner

Skimming through the amazing submissions, we’ve chosen the best ones for the week! Make sure to submit your content in #art-memes if you want to get featured in the Help Force Beacon next week!


Person/Meme of the Week

The person of the week is someone who dedicates a lot of time and energy into the army. And they’re a meme.

Weekly Promotions

These people have worked very hard for the army this week, now its their time to be recognized! Make sure to congratulate them for their hard efforts.

Sammit – Colonel
Porokimun – Specialist
FG Devil – Corporal
Mythz – Elite Helper

Question of the week:

Barbie or Oppenheimer?

Submit Your Content

Know any good jokes? Have some thoughts you want to share, want some extra sapphires? Next week the best submissions will be featured in this part of the Beacon! Check the bottom of the post for procedure of submissions.

DM mantiux#0002 on Discord the answers to the games, question of the week, to send some ships, stories, and any content submissions to win Points (20 points for submitting content):HFSapphire:!

And that’s a wrap for this week fellas! See you in the next edition of the Help Force Beacon. Make sure to like & comment on your opinions about the weekly newspaper.

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