HF Summer Thirteen ’23

ZIPLINE, HELP FORCE CAPITAL – As we enter July and summer, the voting session for the HF 13 has come to an end. A big thank you to everyone who cast your vote, as well as all those who were nominated; we couldn’t do this without your dedication.

The Golden Helpers award is one of the most rewarding things a troop or staff can achieve in Help Force. It represents the voice of the community, selecting the top thirteen out of countless members to be recognized as pillars of the community. Although it may seem that this award is only relevant to staff members, it’s important to consider the fairness of the vote and the reality that staff are often the cornerstone of any server. Everyone has the chance to vote for multiple people, and this ensures, at least in part, an unbiased vote overall.

Awards are an important factor in motivation for armies. Help Force is no exception to this. The importance of the Help Force Thirteen in particular cannot be overstated; its prestige and reputation speaks for itself. I’d like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to everyone who made the top thirteen list, as well as those who were nominated. Your hard work for the Motherland has not gone unnoticed. And now, without further ado, I give you this summer’s HF 13:

1. Rooboo (257)

2. Desireus (235)

3. Snowflake (184)

4. Thuanthaijo (170)

5. Night (169)

6. Mayathefirst (158)

7. Yoda (157)

8. Zenishira (137)

9. Beasto (129)

10. Niko (90)

11. Foxy (68)

12. Choco (66)

13. Mantiuxx (56)

In the wake of our tournament victory, the ranking reflects the efforts made by a few who’ve brought us to new heights. The Administration would like to personally thank each and every one of you for bringing us where we are today. Help Force would be nothing without you supporting us and keeping the army striving for greatness, for five years and counting.


No one knew this mysterious character that just showed up one day during the Harry Potter theme week and afterwards with his iconic Disney skunk pfp. His peculiar way of talking, everyone expecting his “Rooboo Speech,” not even knowing if he was a boy or a girl. Truly a nobody at the time, and nowadays, one of the Commanders that brought glory back to our Motherland.

Starting as a mere troop, he has shown passion and dedication. Becoming the first Assassin rank at the time, and from then on not being stuck in the ranking system, but rather committing even more than the staff members at the time. From then on he was neglected a deserved promotion to staff until he obtained it. Becoming a General and giving the best vibes, ideas and collaborations to improve the general activity of the army, he was given a quick promotion until he became leader and, alongside Desireus, won a tournament and broke the “tournament curse.”

Rooboo has shown an immense and unique resilience across his story through our Motherland. No one had faith in him, no one thought he would ever become a staff member, and yet he was given a chance and he delivered. I have seen this kid grow and mature from the most basic rank up to the very top, showing his leadership skills, his team effort, and his passion for the army. If you had asked be a few years ago if I thought Rooboo would ever become commander, I’d have told you “you’re crazy.” I salute you, my good friend Rooboo. Elp is the greatest.

—Elpiojo123, HF Legend


Desirues joined the Help Force in the beginning of 2021. He mainly would join for gaming but that all soon changed. He was selected for Junior Staff and quickly worked his way up in rankings, ultimately leading to commander in 2022. It’s crazy to think I was higher ranked than Des for a few months until we both became 2ic in 2022 together. Anyone that joins a server knows the feeling when you first talk and have no friends. I honestly would say I’m happy we were the same rank during that time. Desireus showed a lot of value and friendship during his period as staff. He was always willing to lend a hand to an event or game, even if it meant for him to stay up late to attend or host. He always cared about the people and server and always knew how to make people appreciate his humor with coconuts and car jokes.

After ranking up to Commander, Des took lead and really had the army rolling. Leading HF into number 1 top place on top 10 for January and February 2023, following into the tournaments, Christmas Chaos, March Madness and the ultimate victory of Ausia Arena, he really showed his determination and goals for HF. Never sleeping and staying up until 4 in the morning just to get everything done. Des never let anyone get hurt, always making sure any helper was okay and welcomed everyone with a open heart. I can say with certainty that Des completely deserves this award.

—Mayathefirst, HF Commander & Icon


Snowflake joined Help Force over four years ago, and between then and now she has made her presence known. She hasn’t slacked off throughout her years here, but rather became a pillar of the community very quickly. She was a recruiting god in 2020 and won GoTW multiple times, fast becoming one of the most active members Help Force has ever seen. Her loyalty and determination has shined through, allowing her to help HF win more than one tournament and secure itself as a powerhouse in the community

Snow didn’t allow her story to end quickly, but instead continued to rank up and achieve even more. She has worked diligently through multiple CPPS, generations, and leadership changes. Her importance in the army, especially today, cannot be understated. She has and will continue to lead HF to great things, as she has done as both troop and high command. Her sense of humor, inside jokes, and incredible hype skills have been a great boon to Help Force as it continues to grow. Snow, my hat off to you. No one deserves this award more than you do.

—Snowy, HF Commander & Stalwart

And so concludes our summer session of the HF 13. Congrats to everyone who won an award! Stay tuned for the winter session in six months, Helpers.

Unleash the Power of Helping.

Snowy, HF Commander & Stalwart

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