Desireus’ Retirement Post

“All roads lead to a destination and when a destination is reached, a new journey awaits.”

This is it, the time has come, it has truly been an absolute honor serving as a Commander in one of the greatest armies of all time. My journey in HF may not be the longest, and my leadership may have not spanned the widest, but it has really been an unforgettable journey throughout these 2 years, and this is all of it summed up in a post!

The Journey

It all started on the 23rd of January 2021. I was very addicted to just casually hopping on Club Penguin Rewritten in my daily routine, was really fond of the game during the time. I always knew Club Penguin Armies existed, but I somehow never bothered to return. I first had my CPA experience all the way back in 2013, which interestingly almost a decade ago. I got dmmed by this random dude named Mandal (shoutout to bro, still today supporting us) talking to me about a Club Penguin server named Help Force. I have to admit, I only joined because he was being so nice to me and telling me all about the server and I was like ehh I’ll just join so I won’t make him disappointed. So, I joined and got to know about the server in and out. I was really shocked to find out that Help Force turned out to be Club Penguin Army. Considering the fact that I completely forgot about the existence of armies and like the only army names I would remember from back then were like IW, RPF, ACP, Doritos etc.. The discovering of the fact that HF was an army actually made me doubt if I wanted to continue staying in the server. Long story short, I tried attending events, got addicted to attending events, I would be attending every event in a week, from AUSIA, to EU, to US timezones, literally addicted and I somehow ended up as a leader of the army. I have to say, I joined the army in a really amazing era, it was so lively during the time, events were so hyped and exciting, we were maxing like crazy, all of that really encouraged me to join their Staff team and I did, started out with Junior Staff and throughout the months ranked to the point where I got Leader in Training by the 28th of August 2022. Weeks after that, it was really a hard decision on whether I wanted to continue going for Commander. It was a really big step for me because I wasn’t really intrigued in being a leader at that time considering the situations.
This was a small snippet of me and Rooboo doubting so hard that if we really wanted to continue:

But thanks to the few people that encouraged me, I made decision to continue and on the 23rd of October, I was promoted to Commander of the Help Force along Mr. Rooboo himself joining Snowy and from then on, one heck of a journey started.  Funny enough we never really cared about how we could and could not contribute. After that both of us we just focused, because life is simple, you make choices and you don’t look back.

You might be wondering, what would our leadership and generation be called? Well unfortunately and interestingly we don’t have any cool names or catchy dynamic duo names. When me and Rooboo got promoted, it was all hands on deck for work. We never really cared or even thought of a name for our generation, our minds were all set on plans for the week and months ahead. From then on, started what I can truly say a really successful and memorable journey up to today.

Wall of Memories



This was our first ever tournament of our leadership. We unfortunately ended our journey in the Semi-Finals against RPF. But most importantly, we saw this as as a wake up call and it was time for revival.  Afteer our lost, we truly realized the amount of hard work that we had to put in to win tournament, was no small thing.

  • 2023 ASCENSION

A new year has begun, with that a fresh start to our grind for the year ahead. With the departing of Snowy from the leadership team, the army was left to both me and Rooboo, and we were determined to make history. We started to revamp a lot of aspects through the server, started hiring and promoting our staff, and improving recruitment, and event schedules. Week by week in January, we were getting closer and closer to #1 on the Top Ten Armies of the week and low and behold, on the last week of January, after a while, Help Force is once again on the top spot.

In addition to that, we also snatched the top spot for Top Ten Armies of the Month for January.

Continuing the momentum, we once again for the 2nd time in a row achieved #1 for Top Ten Armies of the month for February.



Time came for the 2nd tournament in our leadership. And with the momentum we’ve built up in the past 2 months, we were itching for victory after a long while. Though we made it to the finals, we unfortunately got knocked out in the end, leaving us with impressive results but we believed we could’ve done a lot better to go for that win. I have to admit, we started to lose a bit of the pace going into this tournament, despite that we still managed to end up in the finals. Not forgetting our intense Semi-Finals battle with the templars, which really got me leading on the edge of my seat, GGs. Still an amazing milestone, we were destined to do better.




PHEW here comes the good stuff. This was a very surprising tournament announcement; I was not expecting an AUSIA tournament anytime soon but there we were. Help Force has always been known for its AUSIA strengths; therefore, we were determined bring that back, stronger than ever. I have to admit, our preparations for this tournament were not the best, definitely could’ve been a 100 times better, but despite the inactivity, we still managed to give out our best. Winning every single match up, and every single room in our bracket and advancing to the finals once again. 2 Tournament finals in a row, I could not fathom such achievement. But for this finals, it was different, after all the tough work, we’ve managed to make history, after 2 years Help Force has once again brought home a tournament trophy, crowned the Ausia Arena Summer Edition Champions.

It was truly a moment to celebrate, through all the doubts, problems, tough decisions we’ve faced, we finally made history. This is without a doubt the greatest and most important achievement I’ve made throughout my leadership. All the decisions made led up to this moment. When both me and Rooboo got promoted, one of our main goals was to win a tournament, and we actually did it, I went coconuts that night.


The People

Ayan – Bro I honestly cannot thank you enough, for everything, guiding me, teaching me, encouraging me to take this position, giving me this opportunity, even for all the fun games we had together. I really appreciate all of them, it’s been truly an opportunity to be working alongside you, thank you brother.

Rooboo Man oh man, I don’t know where to start, I am gonna miss you a lot, gonna miss commanding the army with you big time. Thank you for anything and everything Rooboo, from the day we were promoted, to the decisions we’ve made together, the moments where we had our differences, moments where we truly shined, and every single achievement we’ve made, thank you for all of them. I cannot express how thankful and blessed I am to have a fellow leader like you, always there by my side. So much to say, I’ll keep it short.

Elp – Mr. Greatest, I promise I will pay my import taxes to the FTCGT&TCGGM one day. ELP thank you for everything, for all the fun times, for my monthly salary, for reminding me about my taxes, it has been an opportunity to be under your advisory wings. Truly Elp is the Greatest.

Maya and Snowy – Welcome back to the team, I really appreciate you guys for making the decision to come back, wishing you guys all the best for the army, I know the army is being left in good hands with you guys along with Rooboo. 

HCOM Team – Snowflake, Yoda, Thuanthaijo, Zenishira. You guys, there’s a good reason why you’re all my high command. The amount of effort you put into the army, especially in the few last weeks, have been absolutely monster. I thank each one of you, and wish you all the best. You guys are the future of the army, stay strong.

Staff and Juniors – Thank you to all of you for volunteering and giving your best to the army. Despite the hardships we sometimes faced, I truly appreciate your presence in the army, continue to improve and contribute to the army!

Vedant and Nell – You both have been inspiring leaders back then, I really looked up to you guys and it was an honour being under your leadership. Thanks for all the advice and encouragements you guys gave, as well as the fun times we had, appreciate all of it!

Jayden, Ru, Amy, Mandal, Scorp – My early AUSIA family, aka the stinkies, I really miss you guys a lot. You guys were the ones that really grew me up in the army through the early days. Those moments were truly memorable, i’ll never forget all the fun times we had together back in the days and thank you for all of them.

Allies, Leaders and Troops of other Armies – We might have not know each other well, but I really want to thank you guys for the support you’ve given HF, it has been a pleasure to be supporting you guys as well!

To the rest of my good friends, and troops of the force – Thank you to each and everyone of you for all the amazing times we’ve had together. From the games, DMs, events, all of it. Wished I could thank each and everyone of you individually, but I really am grateful for every one of you.

Well that’s it for now, its been one heck of a journey through this leadership, and I am truly grateful for every step of it. Wishing the army all the best in the future, may more Wars be won, may more Tournament Trophies be brought home, may more History be made. I will still be remaining as a Trustee, so if anything is needed, do drop to ask!

Signing off,


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