Barony Review | Crushed by a Boulder Edition

Have you ever been beaten by a lowly rat? What about unknowingly wearing an amulet of strangulation? What about that hole in the ceiling, the floor spikes, the arrow traps or the garden gnome that looks kind of suspicious holding that wizard staff in his hand. Ever drank water from a well? Did you find a pretty lady, only to find out that she’s actually a succubus that wants to sell your soul to the devil? Have you ever wanted to challenge a lich in deadly battle, defeat him and take his power? Yes, no, not yet? Either way, today I will be covering…


Barony is a voxel based; first person roguelike game made by Turning Wheel. The goal of this game is to venture deep into a dungeon, find Baron Herx and end his reign of terror upon the peaceful town of Hamlet using whatever resources you have at your disposal be it weapons or magic. Simple enough, right?

Well, don’t let this game’s graphics fool you, this isn’t your Minecraft or your Cube World, Trove, or whatever game with cubes kids are playing these days! This game is tough as nails, many players don’t even get past Level 1 without being nibbled by a Rat or spooked by a Skeleton! If they do manage to get past that, they would most likely die of hunger, or killed by the Minotaur.

Not to worry, though, the game’s settings allow the player to make their experience easier, you can turn off those things so that you can enjoy the game at your own pace. Also, I almost forgot to mention this game’s Co-Op system, you can play this game with up to 3 other friends and band together to beat Herx! Be careful though, you’ll have to carry their items if they die.

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Barony offers a variety of classes, each with its own unique set of abilities and playstyles, and if you own the DLCs you can play as some of the monster you might encounter in the dungeon. Getting into the game, you might find yourself with a few items at the entrance of the dungeon.

For example. if you choose to play an easy class, such as a Cleric, you might start out with leather armor, a mace, and plenty of healing potions. However, if you choose to play a hard class, such as Joker, then good luck trying to stay alive for more than 3 minutes!

Another important aspect is how you build your character. The game has a total of 16 skills, each skill can be leveled to level 100 at which point it would gain a special benefit usually pertaining to that specific scenario. For instance, leveling up Casting allows you to use the Forcebolt spell without expending mana, mastering Trading will allow you to sell items to shopkeepers regardless of their type and leveling up Swimming straight up lets you walk on water. (And lava!)


Barony has many paths you can take, as there are secret exits for floors every few levels that lead to wildly unique and different places, some of which holding powerful artifacts.

Every five levels there will be a checkpoint for you to rest and heal up and an entrance to a new zone. These zones include the Mines, the Swamps, the Desert and finally the Ruins. There’s also the Crystal Caves and the Sanctuary, but those are only available in the DLC.

If Barony does anything right, it’s making every monster seem scary at the early levels of the game, making you question whether it’s worth engaging in a fight. However, as you progress the game, you will realize that they are susceptible to kiting, meaning that if you happen to have a ranged weapon, you can just hit them from a distance, run and have them follow you.

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Now that I’ve told you about the dangers of the dungeon, it’s time for you to venture forth and defeat Herx himself. He is a powerful Lich that can command Demonic minions to aid him in his fight, while he strikes you with his own spells.

Preparation is key when fighting him, make sure you have a Legendary weapon and some powerful spells of your own to counter him. Once you defeat him, you will take his title as Baron and people in Hamlet will bow down to their savior, knowing that they will no longer be tormented by darkness.

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