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Office Inspection: Elp is the Greatest

Welcome to the Grand Finale.. The Office Inspection all of you have been waiting for, today we are here with Elp The Greatest.

Yoda: Hello lovely readers of Help Force. We are back with another part of office inspection! We just stopped by to great office, of course not the greatest cause only Elp is the Greatest! Hello Mr. Lice hope you are great today, would you mind giving us a tour?

Elp: Who are you and how did you get here? I don’t think you have high enough clearance to be here

Yoda: Well um I knocked the door is that enough to get permission?

Elp: Enough to send you to the mines. But since I’m in a good mood today I will let you in. Have a treat first. One of my own baked greatest cookies


Yoda: COOL no one offered me snacks before seems yummy :elpisthegreatest:

Elp: I think I left the recipe of it somewhere… you can try it out.

Yoda: If treats are finished, shall we start our tour?

Elp: Now come on in, have a seat in the lounge of my office

Yoda: Very comfy!

Elp: I must warn you that if you aren’t great enough the cookie will poison you, lucky for you I have an antidote that I’m willing to give you only if you make appropriate questions.:happymelania:

Yoda: This was not written in the side effects! Poor me, I should have won that RPS game to be greatest… at least I will live right?


Yoda: Anyways lets start with history of this place where did the idea to open this office come from?

Elp: Well since my office has many historical and important documents, it is very high confidential so you may only be in the lounge of it. Commanders and other high ranked people needed offices to manage their documents, perms, test out things and so on, so a portion from the taxes were used to build the offices

Yoda: From my wallet coughs anyways. What do you usually use this office for

Elp: I keep a record of all the nitros, bank transactions, events, promotions, hold debates and meetings with the Commanders and other people, while also testing out super secret stuff

Yoda: After seeing all this, it just came to my mind. How would you describe the security of your office? Because you know offices like Snowy’s or Maya’s weren’t safe at all! They used to get robbed all the time.

Elp: First, it’s hard to access. Second, the poisoned cookies, third, the lounge with the security cameras, the sniper and the ban hammer at hand.

Yoda: Woah pretty chaotic security system for an office, files must be really important for server! Oh well look at the time we are coming towards the end of our term. Do you have anything to add Mr Lice?

Elp: I hope my office has perfect score if you want to keep your job
Elp is the greatest
Here you go- drops bottle of antidote oh my oh well

Yoda: I- uh yes definitely! :elpisthegreatest:

Here is my our rating:

Safety:10/10 (great tech)

History:10/10 (is open to serve HF since the beggining of time)

Purpose:10/10 (battle plans and to keep secret files and more)

Chaos: 10/10 (cause second name of chaos is Elp)

Overall: 11 


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